In Tower of Fantasy, how do you use one Mighty Mushroom?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you use one Mighty Mushroom? ...

A Mighty Mushroom is a useful item that helps boost your character's stats and is also necessary in continuing to work on the Wanderers Log mission book.

In chapter two, the game will ask you to find and use at least one of these items, without giving you any information on what they are, where you can find one, and what it really does. As such, it can be a challenge to navigate the menus and find where they are and how to unlock them.

Have no fear, though. We've done all the work for you to explain everything you need to know about Mighty Mushrooms.

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I find Mighty Mushrooms?

Mighty Mushroom isn't an item you can cook as we originally imagined, but rather a substance you can obtain by using certain methods that increase your character's endurance.

Mighty Mushrooms are items that are awarded for certain achievements or as exploration rewards. Of these, exploration rewards are probably the easiest way to unlock them.

After completing around half of the Atra, you'll have a Mighty Mushroom. It's then a matter of going into your backpack and utilizing it, which will boost your character's endurance and enable them to climb mountains and use certain Relics more frequently over long periods of time.