Two Point Campus is a two-point campus that includes all colleges

Two Point Campus is a two-point campus that includes all colleges ...

There are quite a few levels to tackle in Two Point Campus, as you may notice on the edges of the map region you currently have unlocked. Check out our list that breaks down all campus levels in Two Point Campus!

All Levels in Two Point Campus

When you begin your journey on Two Point Campus, Freshleigh Meadows is your Level 1. Your starting funds are a solid $500,000 for lots of experimentation. Enjoy the sights of the canal and its beautiful surroundings.

Use the flexibility of this campus to prepare for the tougher situations that will come. With the small campus size and simple shape, there is a large safety net in place that will keep you from building in error at Freshleigh Meadows.

For your second challenge, head to this Italian school staffed with culinary experts. You'll notice that Piazza Lanatra has half the budget of Freshleigh Meadows, yet you'll still have the money you need to get started.

Although Fresheligh Meadows did a favor, this campus does leave room for error and exploration. Beware of your food choices in Piazza Lanatra, because the university population has a different taste.

With a generous $350,000, head over to Mitton University, a long-standing institution that has the highest reputation (though that may change rapidly if you don't take the time).

Don't get too excited about this amount, since it comes at the cost of a much larger campus to manage and more student goals to complete. Mitton University will be your first step towards preparing and managing tasks in a way that will challenge some players.

Noblestead University is a difficult place to find. Your students may even become official Knights on this campus. The cost of Piazza Lanatra is $250,000. However, if you look at the two campuses side by side, you may begin to understand why this is not a good news.

The effort required to get a $250,000 contract at the much larger Noblestead campus will require some careful planning and consideration on the part of the player. Try not to overspend on the campus. It may be tempting to toss everything out of the way and put everything at once. Don't start with the absolute necessities, and work outward from there.

What if your students could attend university in a bona fide magical castle? At the Spiffinmore Campus, this campus resembles Hogwarts, and we don't believe this is a coincidence. The real magic here is starting with a $0 budget (you have to immediately take out a loan). Budgeting is crucial for this level of study.

For inspiration, this is definitely zanier than any real-life castle, and that's enhanced by the Spiffinmore establishment's expertise in Wizardry. While this doesn't impact gameplay, you do get the added bonus of being nocturnal!

Are you ready for some Cheeseball? That's the sport held dear to the classically designed Fluffborough campus. Unlike other campuses in Two Point Campus, Fluffborough will allow you to manage an entire sports team on top of regular campus activities.

Let's go on an adventure of discovery and preservation at the Pebberley Ruins campus! This is where archaeology is king. It doesn't hurt that the campus is located in an extremely scenic area. While you start out at Pebberley Ruins with a measly $80,000, you can make a lot of money selling valuable artifacts that your students discover.

While working on Pebberley Ruins, the low budget isn't necessarily indicative of the campus's challenge level, but it certainly demonstrates the university's individuality.

Upper Etching's geometric design gives it a refined and contemporary feel. This is a great campus to learn how to combine entertainment with well-maintained facilities.

If you want to run a university that most people are unaware of, go to the Blundergrad campus, which is disguised as a fast food restaurant. It's hidden that way because it is a university for spies who want to keep their learning hidden. Be wary of the spyware you'll need to keep students learning.

Urban Bungle is the closest campus to futurism fans. Start with a starting amount of $300,000, but keep an eye on the costs of the high-tech equipment you'll need to install throughout the school. Science is the most important subject at this school, so keep this in mind if you're planning to hire additional staff.

After all of this study, come over to Breaking Point, the Campus' signature party school. There's plenty of fun and games here, but keep in mind that you are still operating on a severely reduced bank amount of $150,000.

Since getting good grades is a tough task on this campus, you'll need to rely more heavily on student happiness and building relationships between students. Keep in mind that there are far greater electrical equipment costs at this venue.

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