For novices, here is the top Two Point Campus guide

For novices, here is the top Two Point Campus guide ...

Are you looking for a Two Point Campus guide to assist you in starting schooling those kids? It's not an easy task coordinating a university that offers such a broad curriculum. Mastering the combat abilities of a medieval knight or recalling secret knowledge to become a quiz team ace is no mean feats.

This Two Point Campus guide includes some essential information on many important aspects of the simulation game. This includes which mandatory rooms you need to build in every level, why every Campus Building should have a restroom, and why your students should care about their sleeping arrangements in their respective dedicated guides. For the time being, here are some general Two Point Campus tips to help you become the ultimate school principal.

Build these critical facilities early, as students will require them.

Before you begin your first year, consider your campus requirements. These are just a few of the many areas you will need to complete the course on every level.

  • A Dormitory with at least six beds and plenty of space for bookshelves, desks, and future additional items.
  • A Shower Room with six cubicles, some towel rails, and a handful of sinks/hand dryers.
  • A Bathroom in every building with at least five stalls, five sinks, and three hand dryers.
  • Several vending machines in each building with bins on every corner.
  • An extensive Library for your students to study in with a couple of bookshelves and several types of desks (youll fill this room with course-specific bookshelves later on).
  • A Staff Room for your faculty team to chill out in.
  • At least one Medical Office and one Pastoral Support (this number will go up in later levels).

Other critical areas, such as the Student Lounge, Student Union, Training Room, and Research Lab, can be saved until you recover some of the money invested on the initial investments. Remember that expanding the parcel of land a Campus Building is cheaper than building a new one from scratch.

You'll need only a couple of dormitories since students prefer sharing beds.

Youd think your pupils would appreciate privacy, but, ideal, as long as there is at least a dormitory with six beds in one of your buildings, you should be fine.

A bed is simply a vending machine for sleep that any undergrad can use, because there is no ownership involved, and you simply need to create inviting living spaces close by to reduce tiredness.

Pause frequently to review statistics and take your time making decisions.

Don't be afraid to slam the spacebar to halt the clock. It may not be obvious why they are unhappy or failing the course, but generally speaking, there is still work to be done.

If a student is suffering from illness or needs someone to talk to about their problems, you can find a button in their student profile that will require that the student to go to a medical or pastoral care facility. If they are just failing their grades, you may click the button to send them to private tuition.

If youre unable to construct all of the facilities or hire faculty members needed to teach your course for the academic year, it may be helpful to pause the game and consider the best action.

Visualisations are helpful in troubleshooting any issues.

The eyeball icon on the bottom left of the screen gives you access to multiple views, indicating if there are any cosmetic deficiencies, or if you need to hire more technicians to repair items, or if the crown shows a room's worth that you can boost by increasing its size or putting more items inside the room.

Decorate exterior areas as well as interior areas to boost your attractiveness rating.

It's not just the campus grounds that need your attention; you may fill all of the green spaces around them with food and drink vendors to feed your students better than vending machines can. You should also arrange benches and bins for your undergrads to gather together and develop romantic bonds.

Nonetheless, the main item you should be putting here are items that enhance your university's overall attractiveness rating. Sure, other decorative items indoors can have an effect, and you should absolutely take advantage of that, but it's the outdoor items that give the highest attractiveness rating.

Dedicate a whole corridor to your students' well-being, because otherwise, lines will become too long.

Try to have at least three or four of each as soon as you learn how to construct private tuition rooms, medical offices, and pastoral support. This is particularly important if you are attempting to achieve an average happiness percentage or overall grade.

As the campus' undergrad population grows, it's probable that more individuals will want some personal care, and the last thing you want is to have ridiculous long lines. If you can, consider putting some private tuition rooms near lecture theatres, as well as medical offices and pastoral support facilities near a Student lounge or Student union.

Unless you want people to wet themselves, every building should have a bathroom.

The most essential item you should have inside every academic building on campus is a bathroom. While it's funny to see a student waddling through the hallways trying to keep everything together, it does not bode well for their overall wellbeing.

Lavatories wear out, so while you may have a army of janitors ready to unclog broken bogs, it is cheaper to just replace it with fresh toilets, sinks, and hand dryers as part of the visualisations tab.

Your students may join these are the finest clubs for bonuses.

Youll be able to offer your undergrads some student clubs not long after the campaign. Unless you are going for perfection, limit yourself to a few of them per college at best: Here is a list of all of the Two Point Campus clubs and the bonuses they give your students:

  • Book club: Members learn faster.
  • Speed Walking club: Members walk speedily.
  • Power-nap club: Members regain energy anywhere.
  • Nature club: Members maintain campus attractiveness.
  • Orb club: Receive money for members recruited but reduces member happiness over time.

Some clubs are superior to others, depending on the campus and your current goals. For example, while the Orb club has some negative side effects on overall happiness, the membership fee you pay for every new member adds up, making times when you're in desperate need of money a lot easier.

Train your employees so they receive promotions and your students receive better grades.

Your students may find it difficult to achieve high marks later in the campaign. This is partly due to the fact that your teachers do not have a high enough academic ability to do this. We recommend that some of your teachers begin private tutoring to assist those who are struggling to achieve a passing grade, and have the Inspirational Speaking ability so they may motivate their pupils.

Though, teachers and janitors are trained in specific areas, thus becoming more proficient at those tasks. All staff members are promoted when their rank in any one of these skills rises.

  • Level 4 Senior Teacher / Senior Assistant / Senior Janitor
  • Level 7 Professor / Campus Manager / Groundskeeper

Just ensure that when your staff members complete their training, you increase their pay by clicking on their staff page and dragging the pay scale to a level they are happy with, as happy staff members are likely to stay in your business.

Even if it takes a while to acquire the second machine, you should make your training area large enough to accommodate at least two training pods.

Upgrades to your teaching and student items are an excellent way to go.

Sometimes it's not the teachers that is causing your students to fall down. They say a bad worker blames his tools, but in reality, this might be the root of your problems. Each upgrade is relatively costly and requires janitors to make the necessary adjustments.

Two Point Campus conceals some improvements behind the research, so have a dedicated teacher with a high research ability plod away while you manage the rest of the academy.

Save your Kudosh for when it matters

If youre short on time, you can check out our guide on how to get more Two Point Campus Kudosh, but the key point is to be patient with it. When playing the first few levels in the campaign, only approve requests if it helps students with their assignments or has a low Kudosh cost to make them available to you.

You should have no problem directing the best academic institutions in the country now that youve learned these strategies and tricks from our Two Point Campus guide. Of course, if you like this game but havent played Two Point Hospital, you're likely to have a similar enjoyable time, but do check out the best management games if you prefer to manage theme parks, zoos, factories, or even entire planets.