How to Increase the Happiness of Two Point Campus

How to Increase the Happiness of Two Point Campus ...

Are you looking for ways to enhance the quality of life on the Two Point Campus for students and staff? Either your students are collectively dissatisfied with something, or some of their teachers are unemployed, poor working conditions. Getting teachers on Training Pods allows them to learn new skills, and as long as you maintain staff rooms and bathrooms, their needs will be met.

Sometimes, simply clicking on a student or staff member's profile indicates any needs that need to be addressed in order to prevent them from leaving or failing their course. This way, your students will have a great time. In this article, we discuss some other effective strategies.

How to increase happiness in Two Point Campus

There are four strategies to boost student happiness:

  • Improve their well-being by providing medical and pastoral care.
  • Improve room prestige.
  • Build and promote student clubs.
  • Increase the number of entertainment options available.

Many of your students will experience some sort of medical or emotional trauma as a result of their attendance. Other factors include the quantity of essential rooms, such as bathrooms and dormitories. For example, if many of your students have a Malodorousness sensation (they smell bad, basically), it's probably because you don't have enough shower facilities, bathrooms, or hand sanitizers.

There will be times when you cant prevent students from becoming sick. This may be for a variety of reasons, such as hexing them with pumpkinhead spells. By having several Medical Offices and Pastoral Support rooms on campus and a large number of trained assistants, you should be able to ensure that queueing for medical help will not be an issue.

The more stuff you have inside, the higher the rooms prestige score. You may use any item to boost this, but generally speaking, the finest items are the room-exclusive items such as VR platforms in the VR Lab or analog computers in the Computer Lab.

This also allows you to fulfill coursework or personal goal requests that might appear in your inbox, which you may add to your rooms to boost your students' grades and happiness. It therefore makes sense to stock up on as much Kudosh as possible.

There are five clubs that your students may join, each with different benefits.

  • Book club: Members learn faster.
  • Speed Walking club: Members walk speedily.
  • Power-nap club: Members regain energy anywhere.
  • Nature club: Members maintain campus attractiveness.
  • Orb club: Receive money for members recruited but note this reduces member happiness over time.

Club members will request to construct items on campus so they may increase their level in the future. Doing so will increase their level up to a maximum of level 10.

Students are never completely content unless they have somewhere to retreat and enjoy themselves, which is quite normal. You can do this by constructing two separate rooms: a moderately sized Student Lounge (six by six squares is ideal) and a decent size Student Union (at the very least it must be seven by ten squares.

Following these guidelines gives you the space to include a large number of entertainment options in your Student Lounge, such as arcade cabinets, Fussball tables, dart boards, and other leisure activities. Your student union will always have a bar, which you should hire a helpful assistant to take care of, but you may also add a stage to this room for live entertainment.

The Student Union is also able to host live performances for undergrads. Lecture theatres can double up as cinemas, showing different genres of movies for a short time. Your Student Lounge can also schedule a party to boost overall morale. The only sports fields that do not offer a happiness bonus are tournaments like the Cheeseball Pitch or the Jousting Field.

With these suggestions, you should be on your way to maximizing your institution's overall happiness. However, if you are just starting out with this management game, why not check out our Two Point Campus guide for additional suggestions and tricks to manage your college effectively?