How to Increase Your Two Point Campus Rating

How to Increase Your Two Point Campus Rating ...

There are a few things to consider when it comes to increasing the average Two Point Campus grades in your school. What is the main reason why do you believe your undergrads are failing their exams in this management game? Sometimes it's an individual issue with a particular student that you need to address, but more often than not, the issue is widespread among the student body.

The easiest way to spot problems is to hover the mouse over any grade-based objective, which reveals at least seven factors that will affect your students' average Two Point Campus grades. You must ensure that you have sufficient highly trained faculty, a pleasant environment, and top-notch facilities to help your students achieve their learning potential.

How to Increase Your Average Two Point Campus GPA

Firstly, let's talk about the course itself. By default, you should always have all of the rooms your course requires throughout its duration. You should always have a view of what you need at the start of every year in the objectives tab on the right side of the main screen. However, there is a way you may find the specific requirements in advance.

This will take you to the edit course screen. Then click on the tab labelled with the book with a check mark inside. This window is your course overview which lists how long your course takes to complete, how difficult it is for your students to learn, and the individual courses that make up the course.

The second most important consideration is the quality of your teaching staff. Now you may choose to hire the best teachers and dismiss those who arent up to the task, but this requires a lot of effort and there is a far more ethical way to achieve it. Running a Training Lab allows you to train employees to acquire new skills or improve their current ranks in exchange for a small cash sum and several in-game days of their time.

  • Their chosen subject
  • Research or Private Tuition (this depends on where you want them to spend the majority of their time)
  • Happy Thoughts (if a Researcher) or Inspirational Speaking (if they specialise in Private Tuition)

Make sure you increase the pay of each teacher while they're training. This can be done by clicking on that teacher in the Staff List and changing the bar underneath their salary.

Dont overlook staff happiness, as it impacts their performance as well. Set up at least one or two staff rooms and set up vending machines for the teachers to use. Bathrooms nearby are also convenient for them.

You can also have your janitors make the necessary modifications to modify certain teaching items, such as the lectern in any lecture theatre. With better teaching equipment, your faculty can get their points through to their students faster.

If some students are still struggling with the curriculum and there is no other plausible explanation for their poor grades, they may require one-to-one instruction from a tutor. As long as all of your non-researcher teachers have the Private Tuition skill and there are more teachers than lecture theatres and Private Tuition Rooms, you should have more than enough cover. If you then click the grade column header twice, itll show the students with the lowest grades first. You can then send them to a Private Tuition Room by clicking on

If you're just getting started, your Two Point Campus grades should improve. There are also other factors to keep in mind, such as when to spend Two Point Campus Kudosh. Check out our beginners Two Point Campus guide for a basic overview of the best strategies and strategies.