10 Games That Allow You to Role-Play As an Alchemist

10 Games That Allow You to Role-Play As an Alchemist ...

Many video gamers have enjoyed playing Alchemy as a side activity in the hope of improving their survival against bosses or the basic adversary. Some games have well-thought-out Alchemy systems that allow these players to role-play characters whose main focus is brewing spices to sell to others.

Those who want to learn how to be an alchemist and run a shop that helps local people during difficult times, mostly in the medieval fantasy ages, should look no further. There is a large variety of potions to be purchased.

10 Minecraft

Minecraft's primary purpose isn't to make potions, though it is a useful tool that will keep players interested in ingredients and memorizing recipes to create the most interesting potions.

These players may designate themselves as alchemists who can supply the potions for their friends, or perhaps traded for materials that might be required in this sandbox.

9 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is packed with new challenges and adventures for players, although after ten years of adventuring, players are beginning to make their own fun. While exploring the lands of Skyrim, a player may collect ingredients and devote themselves to learning more about what each of them does when combined with others.

Il est egalement possible to perfectionize this skill in order to create even better potions or even poisons, which may then be sold for a profit at the shops a player can visit in each town.

8 Wonderbook: Book Of Potions

The Wonderbook, which was released on the PlayStation 3, was a groundbreaking new concept at the time that allowed players to experience games directly in their living room through augmented reality. Book of Potions was one of these games that took place within the Harry Potter universe. It allowed players to see a short story while actively making the potion.

Players were free to mix whatever they wanted together to make their own unique cocktails to test on a toad that would have hilarious effects.

7 Alchemist Adventure

Alchemist Adventure's part of being an alchemist is the discovery of new ways to create things. This is vital as combining materials helps to avoid conflicts and solve puzzles.

As the game develops, players face a greater difficulty because there is no auto-save, and the save points decrease rapidly as the adventure continues. This alchemist is not waiting idle in a shop to test out her brews.

6 Little Witch In The Woods

When it comes to making potion, alchemists and witches are quite similar. In Little Witch in the Woods, the player follows the life of Ellie, an apprentice witch who strives to become a formal witch.

Players will be collecting ingredients and brewing potions that will assist in solving the problems that the dear townsfolk of Witch House have. With a vast, mysterious fantasy world to explore and a wide variety of interesting characters, there is plenty to keep a budding witch entertained while studying.

5 The Serpent Rogue

The Serpent Rogue's player wakes up as a tiny person in a beaked mask with the sole aim of rescuing the world from a corruption. This storm crosses the map and infects the wildlife.

Players must not only make potion preparations that will cure individuals, but also seek the help of familiars to assist them in their quests in this gothic world. The game can be a bit confusing, especially with so many ingredients to choose from.

4 Alchemist Simulator

Running a small alchemy shop involves more than just brewing potions; it also relies heavily on the customers that come. In Alchemist Simulator, players must select the contracts they wish to complete carefully because each one can have an impact on the surrounding environment.

The act of taking over the shop of a relative can leave a lot to live up to, and thus the player will be constantly striving for excellence in order to become a legendary alchemist. This will be done by upgrading the lab and experimenting with ancient recipes that require unusual ingredients.

3 Wytchwood

The player plays the role of an ancient witch who has a large purpose. To explore this land, players will need to craft enchantments to defeat magnificent creatures and complete other quests.

As they have caused difficulties in the world, players will encounter a wide spectrum of characters. The player must decide whether or not they should be punished or forgiven for what they have done.

2 Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

The gameplay of this potion maker, which is heavily influenced by medieval manuscripts and books, focuses heavily on preparing and selling potions. Potion Craft allows alchemists to change the design of the bottles they sell their products in.

Players should always choose carefully when it comes to preparing and using their ingredients, as the vast map reveals how close or far a player is to brewing a successful potion. Contracts should be chosen carefully, as helping the wrong people can ruin the reputation of the store.

1 Alchemy Garden

The usual rules of becoming an alchemist coupled with caring for a garden that will produce the ingredients required for better potions will be required. Eventually, players will be able to begin their own garden to better sustain their potions.

Players may customize their character through different hairstyles and outfits, as well as personalize their shop by crafting furniture they unlock.