Pokemon Video Demonstrates How Attack Animations Have Devolved Over the Years

Pokemon Video Demonstrates How Attack Animations Have Devolved Over the Years ...

Animation is an important part of any video game. Whether it's as photo-realistic as The Last of Us 2 or as stylish as Persona 5, fans seem to appreciate the effort and effort put into the character animations. However, some Pokemon enthusiasts have complained of the Game Freak attack animation over the years.

From Generations 1 through, the Pokemon franchise maintained a sprite-based art style, with 3D Pokemon titles limited to several home console games. While the sprite-based Pokemon would attack with simple animations, 3D games such as Pokemon Stadium and its sequel featured far more extravagant attacks.

MortonShekelstorm, a user on Reddit, has posted a video directly comparing the Pokemon Stadium animation to Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee. The video in question shows two different Pokemon performing the move Mega Kick in Pokemon Stadium. Kabutops thrusts itself forward using its scythe-arms to execute the kick, while Snorlax throws its entire weight into the Mega Kick, crashing into a drop-kick animation.

The video continues displaying a Pikachu performing a Double Kick, which sees it hop twice while a foot symbol appears on the opponent. MortonShekelstorm would reply by saying, "Why are people okay with this?" remarking that Pokemon fans are less inclined to accept the current attack animations and appearance of modern Pokemon.

The reason why some Pokemon enthusiasts are resentful of the current Pokemon games is due to the fact that it is more like the Nintendo 64's animations that it lacks in comparison to previous games. In comparison, modern Pokemon games have stiff and limited movement in battle. Though, HAL Laboratory may have devoted more time to animation than Game Freak since Pokemon Stadium was a battle simulation rather than an RPG.

Only time will tell whether Pokemon viewers will be satisfied with the quality of the animations in the mainline games. With the possibility of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks depicting the attack motions of the newer creatures, Pokemon fans will continue to debunk their opinions.