Apex Legends' Weird Wingman Changes

Apex Legends' Weird Wingman Changes ...

Season 14, Hunted, of Apex Legends, is off to a good start. While the changes to King's Canyon seem to be a bit smaller than the previous season's Storm Point updates, the various tweaks to Legends and weapons make the game feel fresher than it has been for quite some time. Nerfs to the often-seen Valkyrie and the EVA-8 Auto shotgun make them more viable picks.

One of the strangest weapon changes in Hunted has to do with the Wingman pistol. A staple of Apex Legends since the game's launch, the Wingman has always been a handy sidearm when facing opponents from all positions. However, Respawn Entertainment decided to adapt Wingman to the new weapon meta.

A True Sniper Pistol

The Wingman's strangest change has to do with its ammunition and magazines. In Hunted, it now uses sniper ammo and sniper magazines. It's the first gun outside the Sniper Rifle weapon class to use these items.

The Wingman's effective range is critical. Unlike the RE-45 Auto and P2020 pistols, it is easy to pick up targets from further away. With practice, the Wingman's semi-automatic nature makes it easy to line follow-up shots, and gauging its bullet drop distance becomes second nature. Couple this with the return of the Skullpiercer Rifling Hop-Up in Hunted, and the Wingman can do catastrophic damage.

Creating a Competitive Weapon Meta

The Wingman would have no reason to limit itself to sniper ammo. The 30-30 Repeater is capable of blasting opponents at close range, while the 30-30 Repeater is also capable of increasing the damage done by headshots, which is shared by all pistols.

Respawn Entertainment has effectively transformed the Wingman into a true sniper pistol. Players can now fire the weapon more freely than before with a single stack of heavy ammo, which is admirable.

The new Wingman tweaks will take some getting used to, but they are ultimately beneficial to Apex Legends. Players can still strike targets to their heart's content when aiming down sights with the pistol, and they can still shoot some nasty headshots from a distance. However, they will need to be cautious about how much ammunition they have left. This will increase the demand for sniper ammo and magazines, something that is often overlooked.

Apex Legends is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.