In Tower of Fantasy, where can I find dark crystals?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I find dark crystals? ...

Players of Tower of Fantasy are flooding into liveservers to begin their journeys. Setting ausername and personalizing your character in Tower of Fantasywill be the first steps you need to take before you can explore the game's stunning world.

When you first step foot into Tower of Fantasy, you'll spend the first hours learning about the game's mechanics. From world elements to in-game currencies, there's a lot to discover in Tower of Fantasy.

What are Dark Crystals inTower of Fantasy?

Dark Crystals is a game currency in Tower of Fantasy. While players will be able to acquire quite a bit of gold throughout their adventures, Dark Crystals will be fairly difficult to obtain.

Dark Crystals may be used to purchase specific items in the game.

Before purchasing anything with Dark Crystals, players are advised to read through the guides for their characters.

How to earn Dark Crystals inTower of Fantasy?

There are a few in-game events that reward players for purchasing Dark Crystals, though Tower of Fantasy only lists a reward for purchasing.

  • Complete tasks.
  • Complete missions, achievements, or parts of the story that haveDark Crystalrewards.

How to use Dark Crystals inTower of Fantasy

If you want to spend your Dark Crystals, go to the backpack menu. Choose Currency, then select the Shop icon next to Dark Crystals. Youll then be taken to a new window where youll be able to purchase items in exchange for Dark Crystals.