The Day Shift reviews are in, and the critics are split over Jamie Foxx and Snoop Doggs Vampire Action Comedy

The Day Shift reviews are in, and the critics are split over Jamie Foxx and Snoop Doggs Vampire Acti ...

With Day Shift, we can agree that there is always room for more vampire films. While we do not discuss Twilight here, it does have a lot of funny vampire scenes sprinkled in for good measure.

The film J.J. Perrys Day Shift is a computer-generated story that was all spit out by a machine from the start. Its a generic mess in its execution, from opening to closing, and is only enhanced by the fact that it stumbles on interesting concepts, but then abandons them and never develops beyond their initial stages.

The Hollywood Reporter's Lovia Gyarkye hasnt been as down on the project, claiming it to be acceptable popcorn entertainment. The critic believes Day Shift is enjoyable enough if viewers dont read too much into it, and the leading trios' jabs and one-liners make for strong characters:

Foxx, Snoop Dogg, and Dave Franco all enliven the workaday beats of the story and add distinctive comedic touches, allowing audience members to look forward to a good time even if they dont remember much later on.

Day Shift delivers excellent action, but, as others have noted, it lacks the most intriguing concepts. Jamie Foxx delivers a good performance, even if his character is a little one-dimensional.

Day Shift spends too much time on any of this, and instead relies heavily on unfunny quips and a rushed script.... Franco's fish-out-of-water character is consistently annoying, to the point where he begins to hurt the film... It makes no sense for Bud [Jamie Foxx] to be so relentlessly cruel to Seth [Dave Franco] at every turn as he is here, since Seth is the guy who is considering him and his

Sam Stone of Comic Book Resources claims that the film is enjoyable enough for those who want to enjoy it during the dog days of summer. While certainly not attempting to break new ground, there's enough depth and comedy in it to make it one of Netflix's finest original movies of the summer.

Day Shift is a film that knows exactly what it is, and it should be known to the general public as well as the actors going into it; it isn't a movie that tries to change the horror cinema game, but rather one that just provides a blood-soaked thrill ride. Stick around for Foxx's friendly interactions with his on-screen pals and relatives.

The film flails in one direction and, moments later, fails in another, gestures that appear to be more geared towards maintaining wild and often uncomprehensible action onscreen than in making any dramatic sense. A few more edits at the script would have only served to clarify things.

Despite their positive comments about the action, the critics are seem to be a little dissatisfied, with many wanting more out of the film. If Day Shift sounds like something your summer has been missing out on, you can get it on streaming with your Netflix subscription starting Friday, August 12.

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