Where can I find Laver in Tower of Fantasy?

Where can I find Laver in Tower of Fantasy? ...

Although Tower of Fantasy isn't a cooking simulator, players will quickly realize how important cooking is. Keeping your health up and receiving various rewards from eating can make the game much simpler for players who want to explore the various environments that the game has to offer.

Naturally, players need to acquire ingredients in order to cook. Some ingredients are fairly plentiful, while others are more difficult to find. You may have purchased some recipes while on your travels to prepare certain dishes, or discovered some recipes just by experimenting with random ingredients you throw together while cooking.

Laver is a key ingredient in both for making certain dishes and for successfully completion of several of the game's early food-based quests. However, it isnt very common on the map.

Here's where to find a laver in order to complete some quests objectives in Tower of Fantasy.

Laver locations in Tower of Fantasy

Laver is a marine algae that can only be found in and around Aesperia's western beaches. To locate Laver, you'll need to follow the shore northwest of Banges Dock.

Some Laver may also be found near Loen Dock, between Banges Dock and Loen Dock.

The distinctive reddish-pink leaves will make you recognize it.

Laver should be relatively abundant on the beaches in this particular area of Aesperia, which implies that you shouldnt have too much trouble finding it once youve begun looking in the appropriate places.