In Tower of Fantasy, all Genshin Impact character presets are available

In Tower of Fantasy, all Genshin Impact character presets are available ...

Many have been highlighting the similarities between Tower of Fantasy and Genshin Impact because both games have a similar look and gameplay style, with many players believing that many Tower of Fantasy characters were directly inspired by those in Genshin Impact.

Most of the Genshin community is quite ecstatic about the release of Tower of Fantasy and has embraced the game wholeheartedly, with many Genshin players using it as an outlet to further tie the two games together.

Players have decided to extend the similarities between the two games by using Tower of Fantasys' advanced character customization system to recreate famous characters from Genshin Impact.

Here are a few of the best Genshin Impact character presets currently available in Tower of Fantasy.

Hu Tao

The reigning champion on the most popular female preset list is a recreation of Hu Tao, a five-star Pyro Polearm character popular among the Genshin community.

Tower of Fantasy's spooky and quirky girl is the single most popular recreation in both the male and female categories on the internet, with over 48,000 likes while continuing to grow.

  • Character ID: 799


A male preset recreation of Zhongli, the Geo Archon, and a five-star Polearm character in Genshin is a popular choice. He retains his ombre hair but changes his appearance to an edgy and modern look.

  • Character ID: 1869


Keqing's iconic purple ponytails, violet dress, and tiny cat-ear-like shapes adorn her head are all retained in the Tower of Fantasy recreation. As of August 11, this preset is currently third overall in both the male and female preset categories.

  • Character ID: 690


Bennett, a Pyro Sword character, is a favorite among the Genshin community due to his always upbeat attitude despite his very poor life. His distinctive goggles, edgy appearance, and bright white hair complement him perfectly in this Tower of Fantasy recreation of him.

  • Character ID: 1929


Yelan, the elusive Hydro Bow character, is always secretive about what she really does in Genshin Impact and why she is absent from work most of the year. Perhaps players of both games can bring Yelan to Aida in Tower of Fantasy and explain what she does when she disappears in Genshin Impact.

  • Character ID: 11656


Eula, a Cryo Claymore character, is a popular Genshin character due to her stunning appearance and unmatched skill set as a Claymore character capable of dealing both heavy and quick damage at once. Her hair is well captured in the Tower of Fantasy preset version, although her overall outfit is similar to that worn in Genshin.

  • Character ID: 2259853


Jean isn't going to take a day off anytime soon, but players who wish to take him on their Tower of Fantasy adventure may do so with the following preset.

  • Character ID: 183385


With this stunning preset, players may discover Aida as the dramatic, courageous, and fearless Electro Bow character. Fischls signature eyepatch, ponytails, and edgy purple and black aesthetic work very well in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Character ID: 4373503


The quiet and focused Cryo Bow character appears to be quite accurate in her Tower of Fantasy recreation, except for her distinctive horns, which are absent because there is no customization option in the game that looks like them. On the other hand, the creator of the preset still maintained Ganyus' overall appearance.

  • Character ID: 905366


With the preset below, players may play as Noelle, a sweet, loyal, and kind Geo maid character from Genshin. Perhaps going off to explore Aida will help her perfect her skills and achieve her goal of becoming a knight much quicker.

  • Character ID: 3476580

Tartaglia (Childe)

Fatui Harbinger, a powerful Hydro force that wields a bow in Genshin Impact, is a reckless, clever, and dangerous man who is more on the traditional side, and as such his style does not translate well to Tower of Fantasy. The overall color scheme of his signature look does make for a more laidback version of the Hydro Bow character.

  • Character ID: 6388

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu's preset of Arataki Itto is one of the best Tower of Fantasy recreations of a Genshin Impact character. She wears a distinctive mask that covers half of her face.

The most striking aspect of this rendition is how it manages to retain so many important details that any Genshin player might easily recognize Kuki Shinobu right away.

  • Character ID: 4096446


Mona, the witchy Hydro Catalyst character in the Genshin family, is a popular character designer when it comes to character design in the Genshin community. She is absent some essential features, such as her distinctive witch hat, but does give her a younger and more contemporary appearance.

  • Character ID: 504523


The Cryo Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius is a must-see character in Teyvat's world. Kaeya is a free character given to players early on in Genshin Impact and thus one every player is familiar with. His most notable features include his eyepatch and navy blue hair.

  • Character ID: 291326


The fearless and determined Captain of the Crux cruises the seas with her crew and can be found frequently in Liyue. Genshin has a characteristic edgy and pirate-like appearance that is maintained fairly well in the following Tower of Fantasy preset version.

  • Character ID: 3256999


Although Ventis' more delicate style can't be really adapted to Tower of Fantasy's edgy futuristic avatar builder, the general color scheme and distinctive ombre hair with a braid are still quite apparent in this preset.

  • Character ID: 70478

Lumine (Traveler)

This preset will allow you to play as Lumine in Tower of Fantasy if you've grown fond of the female version of the protagonist from Genshin Impact.

  • Character ID: 3396865


This preset does an excellent job of retaining Xiaos' trademark cluttered and detailed appearance in Genshin Impact. Anemo Yakshas' messy ombre hair and serious expression are also evident in the Tower of Fantasy version of his character.

  • Character ID: 1146520


Yoimiya, the outgoing, kind, and beloved Pyro Bow character, is another Genshin Impact character that has been recreated in Tower of Fantasy. Sadly, this version or any other recreation of her will miss her unique firework abilities, but her overall bright and cheerful appearance contributes to the game.

  • Character ID: 2335030


The icy Cryo exorcist from Liyue has an overall bright appearance that coincides with his unique ability to slay spirits thanks to his vast amount of positive energy and light. Players who want to play as Chongyun in Tower of Fantasy will enjoy the following preset version of him.

  • Character ID: 737


Dansleif isn't a playable character yet in Genshin, but players have encountered him numerous times during their Teyvat journeys and he is expected to become a playable character sometime in the future. Both Tower of Fantasy and Genshin players may at least play with a very close model of him by using the following preset.

  • Character ID: 2806875


Xinyan, a rock and roll Pyro sensation, has one of the coolest, edgiest looks in all of Genshin Impact. Her appearance complements her appearance in Tower of Fantasy due to her overall modern flair.

  • Character ID: 2202194