Season 19 of Greys Anatomy: An alum on Ellen Pompeo's decision

Season 19 of Greys Anatomy: An alum on Ellen Pompeo's decision ...

Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey and is the show's face, will only appear in eight episodes, although she will still be a senior producer and narrationist in the next story.

If youve ever seen Ellen and the show, it's easy to be irritated by this, but it's also understandable that she wants to do other things. She's given almost two decades of her life to this project! Plus, we tend to think that there's always a chance she'll come back after this eight-episode run.

Ellen would certainly receive help from other people on the program, particularly those who left before her. Here is just a small excerpt from Jesse Williams' remarks on E!s Daily Pop.

That woman has been working hard all year, every year, for 20 years for that franchise Whatever time she takes off is well-earned, [and] I am sure they have a master plan.

What will be the goal of this master plan? We were most interested in whether the show would split out these roles, or give them to us all at the same time? Because we do tend to believe that Pompeo will not be able to simply pop in and there while she's doing other stuff. That will just be too difficult to pull off!

Remember that Greys Anatomyseason 19 will premiere on ABC in October.