Is there something new on Apple TV+ this week? We've got a lot of season 3 news

Is there something new on Apple TV+ this week? We've got a lot of season 3 news ...

IsPhysicalnew available on Apple TV+ this week? We certainly know that Sheilas' story will be revealed later, and it all comes down to when we see it.

For the time being, let's just say that there's good and bad news to report. Where do we begin? We prefer to leave the bad news out of the way: There will no next installment on the streaming service this week or the remainder of the year. Last week was the season 2 finale, which means we have a lot to think about in the future.

If there is any good news to report, it's that the Rose Byrne series has just renewed for a second season! Who knew that the world of aerobics and fitness from the 1980s could have such a depth?

Here's what artist Annie Weisman had to say about the situation in a statement from Deadline.

I am grateful to Apple and Tomorrow Studios for bringing Sheilas' story to life in a creative collaboration with Rose Byrne and the rest of the show's talented cast, writers, and crew. Rose's stunning, hilarious, and brave performance is the north star of our show's journey of personal empowerment and transformation in 80s Southern California in all its synth-pop, sun-baked, spandex-clad glory, said Weisman, the showrunner.

We are certainly hoping for something in the spring or early summer. However, it might take longer depending on the start of production. You never want to rush a good thing, so we would prefer to wait.

Are you disappointed that the program will not be available tonight? Be sure to share right now, and also come back for even more updates. (Photo: Apple TV+.)