Zain has clinched the title of leading Smash Melee player, but the community isn't all that pleased with this MPGR ranking

Zain has clinched the title of leading Smash Melee player, but the community isn't all that pleased  ...

When a well-known ranking system is updated, there will always be a certain level of disagreement, or outrage, but players and supporters have a lot to say about the final listing.

Zain clinched the top spot, officially claiming the title of best in the world, ending Hungrybox's run at number one, which lasted for three seasons between 2017 and 2019. However, once you break out of iBDW at second, the conversation about placements begins.

Here are your Top 10 Super Smash Bros. Melee players of the season for early 2022. Read the entire article below for individual write-ups, player cards, and more information.

The MPGR Summer 2022 iteration took into account data and results from the 1st of March to July 11, 2022.

The data set was created via a panel based on a number of decisions listed on the PGstats website, which resulted in a total of 59 players worldwide being eligible for the ranking.

The top 50 is filled with new faces or players who have worked hard to improve their game. However, some players were concerned about how he would be ranked over Hbox following Melee's recent comeback.

Anyway, I've done malding and good shit @jakedirado on the brighter side I'm the only player in the world to be ranked offline in the Top 5 for thirteen consecutive years (since 2009)I should be more proud of myself so I will beGGs and much more smash to be played

The Melee community's usual post-ranking stance was triggered by this and several other more general arguments about panel-based ratings versus algorithm-based systems.

Mango was eliminated completely from the top 10 based on the tournament results this iteration of the MPGR pulled from, which included one of his worst performances in years, including a ninth place at Genesis 8 and Smash Summit 13, as well as a 13th appearance at Pound 2022. He now stands at 11th overall on the list behind the likes of KoDoRiN, n0ne, and lloDall, who both entered the top 10 for the first time.

And while initially everyone assumed his Twitter outburst, including his declaration of his leaving from Super Smash Con, was just about his ranking on its own, it became a constant issue about players being rewarded for attending fewer events.

Despite winning two of the biggest events of the year, players who participate in more events, especially bigger ones, are seen as being less penalized for those placements, rather than rewarded for grinding.

People are assuming that I'm not a skeptic. Anyone who knows me well knows I was probably 11 or 10 tops for the time I'm more concerned about the precedent of rewarding people for attending less events In 2019, I won two super majors but got third on the year.

I won two Super Majors in 2019 but finished third on the year because I went to like nine or ten events, and Leffen went to five or six, according to Mango. I just see it becoming a regular habit and I think it would be harmful to the game as a whole if our top players don't have to attend much to be ranked so high.

Grinders should be rewarded, according to a Melee veteran.

As Aiden Calvin McCaig and Arian TheCrimsonBlur Fathieh with experience in seeding and other areas pointed out, this isnt something that would be immediately resolved by a panel-based ranking system.

The difficult part of doing this is that an algorithm based ranking is based on a person's inputs, so the majority of what emerges from an algorithm is one person's interpretation of what is objective, which is also intrinsically subjective.

This is largely due to every player's desire to concentrate on particular areas, and no technique will perfect the process as long as the issues being discussed are so diverse.

To the extent that no other method of verification and testing has been provided and tested in a similar situation, it is unlikely that we will avoid further discussion in this vein when the next MPGR comes up later this year.

Don't go out and attack the people who are running PGstats or that are featured on the MPGR panel this year, because they are just doing their best within the system provided to them, and they do not deserve to be chastised by big Melee content creators and top players.