Recap of Big Brother: Which Houseguest Was Shown the Back Door in Week 5?

Recap of Big Brother: Which Houseguest Was Shown the Back Door in Week 5? ...

Daniel may not know the exact name of the Leftovers alliance, but he has correctly identified all seven houseguests that are members of it. Yet, that information has only aided him as he tried to wrangle enough votes to stay this week, a strategy that, strangely, involved talking about The Leftovers directly to one of its members, Joseph.

Let's consider the events of Thursday's eviction episode in a few sentences:

Daniel is as confident as he should be, despite the seven members of the houses main alliance, which he now believes includes Kyle. To that end, Daniels primary approach is to root out doubt in Alyssas thoughts about her relationship with Kyle, which he does successfully by revealing that Kyle did not intend to remove Alyssa from the block last week.

Kyle and Terrance's sloppy plan to keep Monte nominated earlier this week has sparked Alyssa's interest in the pair. Alyssa admits in the Diary Room that she's exhausted by their rollercoaster relationship. Girl, same.

Daniel continues to try to win his vote by reiterating how dangerous Michael is, while Terrance and Jasmine reaffirm how much time Taylor, Monte, Michael, and Brittany spend together? but he is encouraged by Daniel's small amount of trust in him.

EVICTION | Daniel's commendable efforts to save himself don't matter much in the end: He's evicted in an 8-1 vote, with Terrance serving as his sole support. After the vote, Daniel stands up and urges his fellow houseguests to evict him, claiming that the season will be dull once he leaves.

Daniels housemates seem to be equally dissatisfied with him going. In fact, in his post-game interview, he's on the receiving end of some of the most brutal goodbye messages in recent memory, which he claims he appreciates, but ouch. It's never fun to be the center of an idiot sandwich.

THE HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD CONCERN | This week's Head of Household competition is The Wall, a Big Brother staple in which players must cling to a flat, constantly tilting backdrop until only one of them is left standing. By the time credits roll on the episode, Jasmine has fallen from her position, and Brittany appears to be quite shaky.

Julie Chen Moonves informs the houseguests that the Festie Besties twist has passed, and that they will all be able to play as individuals from here on out! But! Another twist is in store next Thursday, which will involve dividing the house into two completely different but simultaneously played games of Big Brother for the whole week, culminating in a double eviction on August 25.

OK, now is your turn! Were you pleasantly surprised to see Daniel get the boot? Who do you want to see as the next Head of Household? Tell us in the comments!