How to Address Tower of Fantasy's Crash Problems

How to Address Tower of Fantasy's Crash Problems ...

If a game is popular and successful, you will not be likely to stick around. Luckily, Tower of Fantasy seems to run pretty well for the most part. That being said, even the most well-designed games can have bugs and issues. Here's what you should do if Tower of Fantasy keeps collapsing.

How to Keep Tower of Fantasy from Falling Over and Over

Tower of Fantasy is experiencing some early difficulties at its launch, as well as many other popular games at the time. If none of these suggestions below help you, we recommend that you keep practicing patience while the games are fixed over time.

If Tower of Fantasy crashes on you quite often, our first suggestion is to completely shut down and restart your system. Also, make sure your hardware is properly handling the game and that it is up to the job. Also, restart your router if necessary and connect your PC directly to it via an ethernet cable.

Next, make sure your antivirus or firewall is not preventing Tower of Fantasy from accessing a part of your system. You may need to temporarily disable your service or get into it and allow the game to run as intended.

Check out Tower of Fantasy for missing files. Launch the launcher and then click Game Settings under Launch. Press Repair to have it check your files and uninstall and reinstall the game if necessary.

Tower of Fantasy isn't immune to bugs, as previously stated. Wait until the game is fixed if your game is crashed many times and none of the above solutions resolves your issue.