The Sequel to UFC 4 Should Include 7 Things EA Must Include

The Sequel to UFC 4 Should Include 7 Things EA Must Include ...

Many fans will be anticipating an announcement for the unannounced UFC 5 after two years. With previous UFC entries, there is a pattern of a two-year gap between an announcement and release.

Fans will be anticipating a new title to the UFC series which will give them the experience they have been looking for as EA's next move in the release of the new FIFA 23.

7 Octagon Interviews

After Bruce Buffer announces the winner, many UFC fans will recognize famous interviews in the octagon. The inclusion of interviews within the octagon in both players' career modes, exhibition, and online play will elevate the game to a new level, giving fans greater immersion.

In 2004, EA released Def Jam Fight For New York, a program that enabled players to pick which voice they wanted to perform. This feature would elevate the game far above its competitors, giving created characters a fresh appearance like never before.

6 Press Conferences Improved

EA must replace rare cutscenes or ones which appear to be of little consequence to the player, as in previous FIFA titles. This would be one of the most essential aspects to consider when putting fans in the shoes of fighters.

In this situation, given the groundwork that has already been seen in UFC 3 and 4, the only option is for developers to go in the direction of a major overhaul of what is already impressive.

5 In-Depth Career Mode

Fans will appreciate the lack of upgraded features in UFC 3 to 4, from the addition of a coach to the addition of a few new cutscenes and interactions on the players' social media platforms. To enhance this game mode, EA must give fans much more freedom and simulate real-life situations.

Changing your mind about losing matches is a given option, even if you continue to win. This means players who started their career modes in a certain weight division may be able to miss out on bouts with other fighters based on their own performances. This is a major shift that is required when creating a simulation.

4 Similar Gameplay To Previous Entries

Many players will be aware of the significant change in controls during the transition from UFC 3 to UFC 4, as players were given an entirely new system to adapt to. It included unusual controls and combinations to pull off certain moves as well as a shift in the head movement.

If there is a way for EA to reimagine the gameplay of the previous titles in any way, it would be extremely beneficial to have simple controls for players to maintain and memorize.

3 Contract Negotiations

In the sequel, players must have complete control and freedom in contract negotiations, because only having the option to add bonuses is extremely unrealistic. A major overhaul will be implemented within both the player and manager career mode, giving players the flexibility to play a prominent role in the midst of negotiations.

A UFC sequel should follow suit and improve on the point, which will increase the level of immersion and real-life EA will surely strive for.

2 Custom Soundtrack Option

Another component many EA franchises have been missing is the ability to include music into their games. Whether it's due to copyright concerns or difficulties in integrating it into the system, it's still unclear. FIFA 15, for example, provided users the ability to upload their preferred music, or FIFA 13, which provided the ability to customize crowd chants.

Enterings play a significant role in UFC fans' admiration for mixed martial arts athletes. Players will most certainly wish to fully customize their experience to suit their own playstyle, and providing access to custom themes for walkouts would be a major improvement.

1 Improved Commentary

Joe Rogan's absence from UFC 4 was a surprise to most fans because he revealed his lack of enjoyment in doing so. As it was for UFC 4, fans may feel as though there is a crucial component missing from the entries, as it was for him.

Regardless of whether or not a return for Joe Rogan to the commentary team is feasible, EA must ensure that the commentary is vastly improved and open for more variety. It can become frustrating to hear the same voice lines or similar ones after each bout, so the addition of additional voice lines for specific scenarios would greatly benefit the new title and push it towards the level many are anticipating.

UFC 4 is now available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.