Fnatic equities are falling, and underdogs are rising, and these are some of the most exciting stories to follow in the final 2022 LEC Summer Split superweek

Fnatic equities are falling, and underdogs are rising, and these are some of the most exciting stori ...

During the 2022 LEC Summer split, the European League of Legends scene has been a rollercoaster, with several top teams competing for the top spot in the league standings, and a handful of underdogs brawling for the final spot in the upcoming playoffs.

From drafts to in-game strategies, only three games remain until the end of the season. Each game will determine whether or not you stand at home with no one to blame but yourself.

The LEC will be sure to enliven your laughs, tears, and joy heading into the playoffs, whether you're a Fnatic fan who's only a Jeonghoon devotee or a fan of general chaos.

Here are the most exciting storylines for the LEC superweek.

Holding on by a Hylissang

Fans and analysts pinned Fnatic as a surefire top three team from the start of the year until the 2022 World Championship. It was only natural that they had some of the best players in the region making up what should have been an easy championship contender.

All of these expectations could only be fulfilled on paper. It was straightforward to summarize all of the All-Pro nominations, playoff appearances, and championships on this roster and declare, "Winner."

After disappointing G2 Esports in the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs, the team is on the verge of missing the playoffs entirely.

According to Oracles Elixir, the entire team has struggled to maintain consistency throughout the multiple stages of games. On the back of their disappointing average gold difference of 83 at 15 minutes, these statistics are unsustainable.

Fnatic's supercharged bot duo Upset and Hylissang is notoriously poor, but the duo hasnt been as reliable as previous seasons. For example, Hylissang is the league leader with 53 fatalities, but many have been unforced errors and mistimed engages that have left people scratching their heads.

Fnatic have only won two games in the second half of Summer, and to get through the playoffs, it will require a massive turn-around against three of the best teams in the league: Astralis, Team Vitality, and red-hot Misfits Gaming.

A miracle is required, but a reality check might be in the future.

Jeonghoon against the World

The arrival of Astralis Korean rookie supporter Jeonghoon has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the summer. Not only has he improved the team and their chances of a first playoff appearance, but he has also won the hearts of European League fans with his cheerful manner and enthusiasm for the game.

With a big smile on his face, the 22-year-old would jump out of his seat and celebrate with his teammates after every victory.

Despite his age, Rakan continues to wow audiences with his big-time performances on a slew of League champions, including Bard, Tahm Kench, and Pyke.

Pyke from Jeonghoon_lol is SICK! #LEC pic.twitter.com/9BwHwa33bi in case you missed it@Jeonghoon_lol

He's willing to sacrifice for the victory, and he's willing to enter a fight if he sees an angle. He might need to learn to subdue his aggression from time to time, but it's much easier to teach if you don't want to.

Astralis has also found the greatest form theyve ever had since joining the league, including his top-tier season in KDA, kill participation percentage, average damage to champions per minute, and some of the best early game statistics of any LEC jungler.

The league has gained another underdog squad, whether it is a wild playoff run or a late exit.

About that four-way tie

The majority of the LEC's top teams have looked nothing but consistent heading into the playoffs, which is both equally exciting and troubling for European League fans. There arent any major favorites to win the championship during the summer, causing a chaotic struggle for a decent seed.

Rogue was undisputedly the best team in Europe at the end of week four. However, as soon as the second round robin started, they fell from grace like an anvil in a Looney Tunes show. Over the last three weeks, they only won two games against SK Gaming, Astralis, G2, and Misfits.

Vitality went the other direction after ending the first half of the split with a mediocre 5-4 record. Many expected this team to dominate the league, but instead they fell out of the gate. With the bar now at a fresh low for the biggest LEC roster ever seen, the team has finally begun to show signs of life by winning four of their last six games.

Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports are two of the league's top teams, with the former on a four-game winning streak, while the latter having only lost two games in the last three weeks.

Despite these two teams stumbling on the road to the playoffs, everyone's predictions have been tossed into the air.

This last weekend will be crucial in establishing some much-needed momentum throughout the remainder of the competition.

After all, the wolves are just squirming right at their heels.