Gradient Lighting Can Enhance the Gaming Experience in a Video

Gradient Lighting Can Enhance the Gaming Experience in a Video ...

This simple act of playing a video game isn't all that difficult to accomplish these days. A simple monitor or TV, a game device, or perhaps a portable all-in-one system like the Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, or even a mobile phone can do the job. However, there are plenty of people who go out of their way to customize the gaming experience to truly enhance the experience.

Game designers place a lot of emphasis on the visuals their monitors or TVs can provide, as well as the sound system that allows players to immerse themselves in the action. However, more gamers are discovering how enjoyable it can be to add some well-timed gradient lighting to the picture.

A short video shared by trotski90 shows how a little effort and technology helped give their game experience a boost. The television shifts from a soft blue with the PlayStation Studios logo to a stunning red suitable for Spider-Man.

As LED lights become more affordable, complex PC setups and setups like these have become more common. While not necessary, they add some extra sparkle to the gaming experience.

There are less expensive alternatives out there, although their features vary depending on the brand. Some individuals commented on their experience with other varieties, noting that while they perform well, they often experience more delays than the more expensive option. As technology advances, chances are the technology will become more affordable and reliable.