Does Tower of Fantasy support online PvP multiplayer? Answered

Does Tower of Fantasy support online PvP multiplayer? Answered ...

Tower of Fantasy is a great place to start your own adventure. It's also a great place to find out how to get the game back on track for grinding purposes. For some players, that comes in PvP modes where they can fight other players.

Is there PvP in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes, Tower of Fantasy has PvP. Players may fight each other whenever they want, by challenging each other to duels before battling it out in the Apex League.

Duels may take place anywhere in the world, as shown by what we have seen. Just challenge someone and if they accept you will win the match. This fight is just for fun and to test your skills in a low-stakes match.

Apex League is a 1v1 match against a random player where the first player to get two kills wins. This is a competitive mode that has a ranked ladder system that changes each season. You also won't need to worry about your gear here, since it will all be maxed out to try and sway the experience between you and your opponent.

We are relatively new to the PvP experience in Tower of Fantasy and will update this article when we have more information on how everything works. The important thing to know is there are many approaches to test your skills outside of the regular boss fights you will see against the AI.