How to Execute a Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy

How to Execute a Joint Operation in Tower of Fantasy ...

In Tower of Fantasy, you will find no shortage of content. As you progress through the story and become much more powerful, you will be interacting with countless players and engaging in many battles. Here's all you need to know about it.

What are Joint Operations?

Joint Operations are a fancy term for a typical dungeon you would expect to see in an MMORPG like Tower of Fantasy. Each mission will have you teaming up with three others as you enter the dungeon and fight your way to the boss of that area.

When you take down the boss, you may spend Vitality to increase your chances of getting better equipment and Matrice Chips from reward chests. These are fairly linear levels, so you shouldn't have to worry much about getting lost along the way. Simply take down all enemies that are foolish enough to get in your way and reap the rewards.

How to unlock and play Joint Operations

Once you reach level 20, Joint Operations are unlocked. The game has several different versions, but only one is available each day. In the Bounty menu, you may start searching for three other players to join you. The match will begin once everyone has entered the game.

For higher rewards, you will need to spend Vitality on top of mission expenditures. If you want a more specific type of person to join your team, try the Find Person feature, but keep in mind that this will likely slow your matchmaking.

For an RPG like Tower of Fantasy, these are pretty standard dungeon experiences. You can do them as long as you have Vitality to spend and continue earning loot that will assist you in the future.