Fallout's Best Companions

Fallout's Best Companions ...

Companions play a vital role in Fallout as they guide you through treacherous terrain and provide assistance in firefights. Exploring the wasteland can be lonely, so having them make a comment or talk to you makes the experience more immersive and authentic.

There are many Fallout companions that are just money-saving, such as those you hire, or they leave a bad impression, but a few stand out. Companions are often seen in later games because they are well-liked. Sometimes, youll come back, and the story ends there.

In the game, companions may be lost, and they may be hostile to you, but if you match well with a companion, you may use them whenever you replay the game.

Below are the best Fallout companions and the games they appeared in.

Fallouts best companions

Ian was a Caravan guard until he was wounded. He is one of the first players to encounter in the original Fallout and is extremely willing to lend a hand. He would often shoot too loudly and hit friendly targets far too often. The issue with Ian was that he required players to watch him carefully or he would die.

When you first meet Butch in Fallout 3, he becomes a huge burden. He asks for your help to save his mother, which most players do. You can recruit Butch if you return to the vault later. It's quite an enjoyable experience to work with someone your character has known since the beginning.

John Cassidy is an older man who becomes a companion in Fallout 2. He is a veteran of the wasteland and has some of the best stats to support him. He is one of the harsher companions and does not hold back on his bigotted rants.

In Fallout: New Vegas, his daughter would ultimately serve as a companion.

Marcus is easily one of the most likable characters in the Fallout series. Although a super mutant, he is friendly and easy to talk to. When you meet Marcus in Fallout 2, he is protecting the citizens of Broken Hills. In Fallout: New Vegas, Marcus is still friendly. He could easily be a mayor or someone in a position of power if he were a person.

Paladin Danse is a lot like Buzz Lightyear. He wears a huge space suit and is noble, heroic, and dedicated to enforcing peace and protecting others. Danse believes so deeply in the Brotherhood of Steels ideals that he will kill his friend if he becomes a super mutant. He hates synths and will immediately become hostile near them. In Fallout 4, he has the greatest storyline of most of the companions.

Fawkes was a fantastic companion because he handled all of the hard stuff. He is extremely powerful, can use whatever weapon you give him, and is basically a walking tank. Despite his appearance like the other Super Mutants, Fawkes is a very intelligent and soft-spoken individual. One of the most interesting companion stories in Fallout 3 is that he would not risk his life at the end of the game.

Lily is a Nightkin who has lost a lot of her mind. She is slowly losing her sanity and becoming increasingly engrossed in her belief that she has grandkids. She normally has a second personality, Leo, who takes over whenever Lily is in danger. Leo wants Lily to become more aggressive and aggressive. If she refuses to take her medicine, Leo will take over completely.

Lily is one of the best character in Fallout: New Vegas because she acts like a real grandmother.

Sharone Cassidy is the daughter of John Cassidy mentioned earlier.

She is a fantastic companion to have and is more alive than many in the series. There is a quest she can go on that will shape her into the person she wants to be for the rest of her life.

One of the biggest benefits of having her as a companion would be how well she shoots. Although she isn't as good as Boone, she is easily the second-best rifle user in Fallout: New Vegas.

Nick Valentine is one of Fallout 4's coolest companions. He is a private investigator who is attempting to trace a runaway who was in love with a crime boss. The player can help Nick discover some difficult facts about himself and how he became a synth.

Nick is a skilled gunman who gives him enough help to keep the player alive. He is a popular character in Fallout 4 and a major component of the player's quest for his son.

Deacon is a man of many things, but he is definitely not honest. In Fallout 4, Deacon follows the player as they go through the wasteland, appearing in different disguises, and trying not to draw too much attention to himself. Once the player discovers the Railroad, he becomes a recruitable companion. When it comes to combat, he is a fantastic companion.

There are many reasons for why he is a great fighter and spy, including that he is one of the previous main characters, but none have been proven. People are so interested in learning more about Deacon because of his interestingness as a companion.

Every Fallout game has had a recurring character.

Every Dog is likely to be the first dog from Fallout 1, although only Dogmeat from Fallout 2 has been proven to be.

Except for Rex from Fallout: New Vegas, the Dog is typically the first companion a player encounters. In previous games, they were treated as extra companions.

Rex, the most well-known dog in Fallout: New Vegas, was discovered long after the first hours of the game. Players could then identify a brain for him to associate with and alter his personality. An evil player might find the brain of a friendly dog in a junkyard.

The other dogs in the series are truly mans best friends, and they will go out of their way to find things for you, protect you, and put themselves in harms way to win a fight.

Boone is the best character to ever appear in a Fallout game. He is a guarded former NCR special ops sniper who keeps to himself. When you do, he pledges himself to protecting you and aiding in the defeat of Caesars Legion.

When you bring him along to kill Caesar, he'll help you discover more about his past. He rewards you with the spotter perk, meaning enemies will be highlighted in red when theyre close enough. He always makes you feel like you're being a part of the adventure, or, if he's shot, anyone.

He is also one of the greatest shooters in the Fallout franchise, often shooting and killing enemies before they can reach you.