Fans are concerned that xQc will forego the Myths Big CoD tourney in favor of more Twitch gambling

Fans are concerned that xQc will forego the Myths Big CoD tourney in favor of more Twitch gambling ...

Felix xQc Lengyel of Twitch was scheduled to compete in the Ali Myth Kabbanis Black Ops 2 tournament on August 11, but dropped the chance to take part in the stream instead, causing worry among fans.

xQc had agreed to join the likes of Blaustoise, Buddha, Deansocool, Jerma, Masayoshi, Sykkuno, Symfuhny, and Valkyrae in turning the Myths event into a grand spectacle. However, he bailed without letting them know.

Dude, I only need a yes or a no, according to a myth spoken to others while watching xQc stream slots. Keep at it. Do not gamble for the love of god.

The French-Canadian streamer admitted to being addicted to gambling in the past. His followers were naturally concerned about it, and they let it be known on his dedicated subreddit.

The gambling is getting really out of hand, according to the user who started the thread. xQc, my brother, and please get some help. This prompted a wave of worried fans.

I cant believe he abandoned Myth and didnt tell him he wouldnt come, said one. Myth had his name in the title and everything.

Based on responses, quite a few agreed with the sentimentm.

Another person said turning on Twitch and seeing him again is both disappointing and sad at this point. Ditching a tournament to gamble is literally degenerate.

Since xQc started doing them again in May, Twitch has become a hot topic. Pressure is growing on the Amazon-owned platform to prohibit them, although xQc believes it won't happen.

However, his Twitch fandom is also concerned about what they believe is rapidly becoming a problematic habit. He has streamed slots for 170 hours so far in 2022more than any game other than GTA V.

xQcs mountainous juicer army have seen him withdraw from the Myths tournament to gamble for hours without telling anyone, they're raising the alarms.