Is Tower of Fantasy a win-win situation?

Is Tower of Fantasy a win-win situation? ...

The first thing everyone asks when a new free-to-play game is released is, Is it worth it to win? That question remained for Hotta Studios' latest open-world MMO Tower of Fantasy. Were here to explain every detail about monetization, drop rates, and the in-game currency.

Is Tower of Fantasy a pay to win system?How does the game's gacha pull out?

Tower of Fantasy has a popular 10 pull system. Every 10 pulls, you set at least an SR-ranked character, although you always have the small chance to pull an SSR-ranked character. So, at least in that sense, Tower of Fantasy is being generous.

In Tower of Fantasy, how do Dark Crystals and Tanium currencies work?

Taniim is a freemium currency for game play. These will be given out as you progress, log in, complete story missions, and as compensation for downtime.

The maximum number of times you can upgrade an SSR weapon in Tower of Fantasy is 150. That means that you will have to spend 12,000 dark crystals to guarantee an SSR. It's even more frustrating when you pull a specific weapon once more.