In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Type 1 Chips?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get Type 1 Chips? ...

Tower of Fantasy has officially launched, and a large influx of new players is attempting to explore Aida's open world in this new action role-playing game. Players will progress story missions, explore dungeons and raids, and level up their character to the nines to become the best Wanderer around.

Some of the materials used in the early game, especially the starting areas, can be difficult to find. These Tower of Fantasy items are extremely useful and can unlock even more rewards for all Wanderers.

The Type 1 Chip is one of these items, in particular. Let's go over what this chip is used for and how to obtain it easily in the world of Aida.

What are Type 1 Chips

Tower of Fantasy's Type 1 Chip is an item used to open Chest 1 objects in the world of Ida. This item is known as a password item. Players will be rewarded with various items used to boost their character's performance in the game. When using the Type 1 Chip, players will have the option to Perfect Decipher and open the chest to get more loot than using the Forced Decipher option.

After using the Type 1 Chip to open a Type 1 Password chest, there is even a chance to save the type 1.

How to get Type 1 Chips

Type 1 Chips are relatively easy to obtain for all Wanderers, as they are an early-game item. Players will receive these chips quite often by simply playing through the game and the story missions.

Players may obtain these chips by participating in Bounty Missions. During these missions, players are required to eliminate a large amount of enemies.

This is recommended by players who wish to obtain a lot of Type 1 Chips. This is because completion of them gives you a guaranteed reward.

Complete and claim weekly mission rewards in the game. These missions can be anything from simple as exploration, and even opening chests, up to killing dangerous enemies like world bosses.

The weekly missions have a wide variety of content. For those who want to buy a lot of these chips, it is recommended to stick with the Bounty Missions for that guaranteed drop.

The other possibility of obtaining these chips is as simple as following the story in Tower of Fantasy. While not glamorous, it's still a great way to build up and earn rewards along the way.