The TWD Universe Wide Opens in Tales of the Walking Dead

The TWD Universe Wide Opens in Tales of the Walking Dead ...

This Tales of the Walking Dead article does not contain spoilers.

From excitement to exasperation among viewers, the slew of Walking Dead spinoffs has been the topic of speculation. For anyone who watched Abraham and Glenn's deaths at the start of season 7, it might appear that the franchise is attempting to savor a turnip.

For many fans, putting a greater emphasis on the ensemble cast while allowing the structural hierarchy of the early seasons to fade has regained interest in the show. With the newest entry, Tales of the Walking Dead, opening up the franchise in ways that the main series never could, it appears that now more than ever, The Walking Dead is the limit.

Tales is an anthology series that combines the character-driven nature of The Walking Dead with a more compressed horror short story format that recalls the early days of EC horror comics and the many homages thereof. Each episode will have a different appearance and feel.

The second episode takes us into the midst of a workplace drama involving a perfectionist and her long-suffering receptionist, before the fourth takes us behind the scenes with a scientist attempting to study walking patterns.

Tales, a series that spent its first eight seasons stuck in a one-man story, is a major shift in tone. While exploring the many possibilities of the zombie apocalypse, it also gives long-time fans the rare opportunity to revisit beloved deceased characters like Sasha, Andrea, Lori, and yes, Glenn.

TWD's many auxiliary players were great, but having a main character inherently meant limiting the story's possibilities outside of that narrative. It's a stroke of genius when it comes to keeping interest in the series going strong despite the anticipated conclusion. Yet, the character expansion in the final seasons of the main series and the addition of Tales are far from the first time the series has expanded into unexplored areas.

Fear the Walking Dead was the first TWD spinoff series to debut in 2015. It first showed off much of the foundational story of the zombie apocalypse, then switched to a continuation of his story alongside other ongoing plot threads. It's nevertheless one of the franchise's finest moves.

World Beyond remains one of the most tightly-plotted and intriguing TWD arcs, blending YA sensibilities with the general brutality of the zombie apocalypse to create something that is unique in genre television. This 20-episode saga provided an insight into the possibility of opening up the series to a wider audience.

Torn Apart, Cold Storage, Red Machete, and The Oath are some of AMC's most popular web series, along with Flight 462, Passage, The Althea Tapes, and Dead in the Water, which all helped fill in some gaps in the greater story of TWD. These all make for entertaining viewing for anyone who just wants to see more of what was happening in the world while Rick and his crew were joining up.

The announcement of spinoffs like Isle of the Dead, which will focus on the complicated relationship between Maggie and Negan, a six-episode miniseries continuing the adventures of Michonne and Rick, all combine to offer both the ability to carry through as-yet unresolved plot points for fan favorites while exploring new avenues for the franchise. Nowhere is that clearer than in the anthology format of Tales, which will allow several stories to enjoy the sun once they have fit into the paradigm

The Walking Dead franchise has opened countless new doors while closing relatively few. Though many may still hold a grudge against the franchise for the many vicious, sometimes shock value deaths of its many years on the air, its placed itself in a position to do great things going forward, making Tales of the Walking Dead the finest jumping on moment for new viewers that the series has ever seen since its initial days on the air.

New episodes of AMC will be released Sundays at 9 p.m. ET. Episode 1 is now available to stream on AMC+.