All CS:GO anime stickers

All CS:GO anime stickers ...

Since February 5, 2014, players may customize their weapons with cool stickers in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Most weapons can only have up to four stickers, and the sticker would remain on the weapon if the player traded it.

Stickers are available in several ways: normal, holo, foil, gold, glitter, and paper.

Anime stickers are popular, and it is easy to see why. Despite appearing like manga, they have a distinct militarized appearance, which makes them ideal for placing on your weapons or collecting. Because there are so many stickers in CS:GO, they are sometimes difficult to find.

All of the anime stickers that are currently available in CS:GO are listed below.

All anime stickers in CS:GO

The Cheongsam costs a little more than a dollar at the moment, but it has remained relatively stable over the last few months. The character in the sticker wears a white ox horns as a hairstyle and golden eyes. According to the heart text on the sticker, she is carrying a pink AK-47.

The original sticker for Kawaii Killer sparked a lot of interest and play on it. It's a fair price to pay for an anime girl with orange hair, blue eyes, and a purple outfit. She holds a pistol and displays the peace sign with her right hand.

This is absolutely no reason to leave it out of your collection, since it is probably the most popular.

Kawaii Killer Terrorist is essentially a sequel to the original Kawaii Killer. Shes wearing cargo pants and a shirt with a bandana to protect her neck from the sun. She has blue hair and dark blue eyes. The terrorist sticker on the terrorist sticker looks more like an M4A4.

Professional military organizations utilize M4A4, but AK-47 rifles are easier for civilians to obtain, so it makes sense that a terrorist sticker would be required.

kawaii stickers are the most common stickers to buy in the community and end up at the store. The theme is similar to that of the previous two, and there are plenty of great variations of this, including some that improve on the original.

The community's stickers are just as trustworthy as Steam's. CS:GO stickers have gone through extensive testing and review before being included in the store, which means you do not have to worry about them coming down or having bugs.

Water Gun is more appropriate and mature than the other anime stickers inCS:GO. The female character wears a black Cheongsam, which appears to be the reason for the name.

The water pistol has a water container for its ammo, which is one of our favorite CS:GO stickers due to its impossibility.

The community typically gives Steam the go-ahead to add skins to the game, usually during the annual competitions. These are the CT_Chan and the Terrorist Chan.

Terrorist Chan is a sticker that looks like she might be a regular civilian. She is wearing jeans, a shirt, and sunglasses, but she has two knives. The sticker looks like she has missed her target, but it's still pretty cool. Two knives are shown in the background as a symbol of the terrorist side.

The CT_Chan sticker is a lot more sophisticated than the Kawaii Killer stickers, but it's still quite appealing in terms of appearance. She wears a militarized uniform, a bulletproof vest, and tactical gear pockets. Instead of standing in a cool pose, she makes a face that appears to be preparing for a light-hearted picture. Behind her are wings, indicating she's on the lighter side.

The best of all, they send a message to the player when they're scrapped. CT_Chan asks the player why they're being scrapped, while Terrorist Chan gets angry. This is where their yin and yang style is evident, one being bubbly, the other being assertive.