Price, Design, and More for Realme GT2 Explorer Master

Price, Design, and More for Realme GT2 Explorer Master ...

Realme GT2 Explorer Master: Realme is attempting to stand out from the crowd again with a unique new design and the release of yet another phone from the Master series. The phone is the most powerful yet to be adorned by a famous design, though this time, Jae-Jung did not choose Naoto Fukasawa.

The RealmeGT2 was released as a premium flagship model, featuring a bio-based back cover, which was quite innovative. Half a year later, the GT2 Explorer Master Edition has a new design, and the texture of the back cover has been enhanced, as well as the straight-screen design.

The phone Realme GT 2 Master Edition will be released in July 2022 and will cost $538 in the United States.

Realme is one of the few companies that has a flat-screen display. Many people will probably purchase the GT2 Master because of its ultra-narrow bezel flat screen. The screen is fantastic, and the ultra-narrow bezel on its own is very appealing.

Corning Gorilla Glass' 5th-generation technology protects the screen surface of the Realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition from everyday wear and tear, as well as due to the adoption of a new generation of COP packages, the metal and glass are directly combined, resulting in a very narrow frame.

The primary camera for the GT2 Masters is a new IMX 766. The JN1 ultra-wide angle camera is an old dish, and the third is a 40x macro. This macro camera isn't the first of its kind; we saw a similar lens with the OPPO Find X3.

The front camera lens + 150 ultra-wide-angle lens + microscope lens three-shot solution is used for the IMX766 main camera lens. For example, the main camera supports full-pixel omnidirectional focusing and OIS+EIS dual anti-shake, allowing for clear image effects when photographing moving objects in everyday life.

The GT2 Master has two pressure-sensitive triggers inside the bezel, and the flat bezel keeps you from falling when you press them. Instead, it looks and feels like a regular phone. Even if you wear a phone case, it will not encroach on your control.

The realme GT2 Explorer Master Edition includes LPDDR5X memory for the first time, which cuts power consumption by 20% over the previous generation, as well as UFS3.1 flash memory.

A phone would be inefficient if it could not have a large battery and fast charging at the same time. However, the GT2 Master with 5000mAh and 100w charging power proves that it is possible. Moreover, it only takes 5 minutes to charge to 333% and a half hours to fully charge this large battery.

Besides, the phone has a built-in battery health engine, which allows the battery to retain more than 80% of its capacity after 1,600 complete cycles of fast charging.