Does Tower of Fantasy have a pity system?

Does Tower of Fantasy have a pity system? ...

When you fail to acquire a powerful character, gacha mechanics can be frustrating, but games like Tower of Fantasy have a solution. Many developers have implemented a pity system in order to keep players from becoming so burned by many bad pulls that they abandon the game altogether. Here's all you need to know about it.

Tower of Fantasy does it have a pity system?

A pity system helps with that balance, ascertaining that players get enough powerful characters to complete the game without making things too difficult. Even those who arent lucky will not be left behind.

Tower of Fantasy does have a pity system, although its usefulness depended on which banner system you're using. As long as you're able to log in to the games servers regularly, you're liable to receive a high-ranking character.

  • Black Nucleus This is the lowest-tier banner with the lowest standard SSR pull rate. As such, it doesnt have a pity system so you might go a very long time without getting your next top-tier character.
  • Gold Nucleus The standard banner does have a pity system implemented. Youll be guaranteed an SR character every 10 pulls and an SSR every 80 pulls.
  • Red Nucleus This is a limited banner that rotates throughout the year. The characters in this banner are often limited-edition so it is worth keeping an eye out for what they have on offer. It also has a pity system that offers an SR character every 10 pull and an SSR every 80 pulls.

Even if you get an SSR tier hero on your 20th pull, Tower of Fantasy's pity rate will never decrease. This makes this one of the more flexible gacha systems youll find in online games.