Season 1 of MultiVersus: Release Date, Battle Pass, and Characters

Season 1 of MultiVersus: Release Date, Battle Pass, and Characters ...

If you're looking for complete information about the upcoming season of MultiVersus, look no further! Here is the release date of Season 1, as well as details on the Battle Pass and new characters.

If you are looking for new MultiVersus content, you will not need to wait long. After a short delay, Season 1 will be released shortly.

The first official season of MultiVersus is expected to be the largest drop of content yet, with new cosmetics, characters, and more.

MultiVersus Season 1 Release Date and Time

Season 1 of MultiVersus is set to be released on August 15th. And while the dates are hazy, we can easily rely on previous updates:

  • 9 AM PT (Los Angeles)
  • 10 AM MDT (Denver)
  • 11 AM CDT (Chicago)
  • 12 AM ET (New York)
  • 5 PM BST (London)
  • 12 AM SGT (August 16) (Singapore)
  • 12 AM CST (August 16) (Beijing)
  • 1 AM JST (August 16) (Tokyo)

MultiVersus may get updates at any time during the times listed above. This is why we recommend keeping an eye on the MultiVersus Twitter account to keep track of downtimes and anything else.

Because the pre-season is still going on, you have plenty of time to save up some Gold for the new characters. Find out how to get Gold quick in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass Details

Here are all of the information we currently have on the upcoming Battle Pass for MultiVersus Season 1:

MultiVersus's in-game premium currency, The Battle Pass, is expected to cost 950 Gleamium.

Tony Huynh, the game director for MultiVersus, has confirmed this price in real money terms.

Players who purchased some of the higher Founders Packs for MultiVersus would have received Battle Pass tokens, as well as other in-game bonuses. These tokens may be redeemed for access to the premium Battle Pass at no extra cost.

Tony Huynh has also revealed that the MultiVersus Season 1 Battle Pass will have 50 tiers of cosmetics to earn.

It's a 950 gleamium, but it's got 50 tiers.

There are a lot of rewards to get your hands on in comparison to the pre-season Battle Pass, which has only 15 levels.

Right now, we're unsure how many free rewards will be available. The pre-season pass had a free reward on every tier.

We haven't received any confirmation on the rewards for the MultiVersus Season 1s Battle Pass. However, we can make some exceptions!

Firstly, a large number of new skins for MultiVersus have recently been leaked, and we might see some of them in the Battle Pass.

Second, expect a slew of new banners, badges, and Toasts to send to your friends and foes.

To get all of these rewards, you'll need to upgrade your Battle Pass. Learn how to get to Tier 50 as quickly as you complete the MultiVersus Battle Pass.

MultiVersus Season 1: New Characters

Season 1 of MultiVersus is expected to include several new characters for players to unlock, including already confirmed characters such as Rick Sanchez.

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, both from Rick and Morty, are set to make their debut in MultiVersus. And we even have a release date for Morty now coming to MultiVersus.

More characters will appear later on in the season, according to the MultiVersus Season One roadmap. Raven, we believe, might be one of the characters that will be released soon in MultiVersus.

We aren't sure which of the many leaked characters would be released during season one of MultiVersus until we have an official announcement.

And here are all of the information we know about MultiVersus Season 1. Please keep checking back as and when new updates come!