In Tower of Fantasy, how do you obtain and use a Mighty Mushroom?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you obtain and use a Mighty Mushroom? ...

Mighty Mushrooms are items that increase the player's maximum Endurance in Tower of Fantasy. They are awarded for either completing several Achievements or by exploring the map. Once obtained, the player may retrieve these items by accessing the player's Backpack and selecting them. This way, the player will be able to climb and swim for a longer time.

How to Increase Maximum Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

Players may obtain a Mighty Mushroom through Achievements and exploration in the Terminal Menu. After obtaining 250 Achievement points, players can earn a single Mighty Mushroom, as well as Homesteader, Logger, and other rewards.

Exploration is used for the second method of acquiring a Mighty Mushroom. This can be accessed by tapping or clicking on the map and monitoring the progress of each area. These include activating Space Rifts, opening Supply Pods, and engaging with the Exploration Points on the map to obtain Gold and Black Nucleus.

In Tower of Fantasy, how can I improve my exploration progress?

When clicking or tapping on a region, the player's exploration progress becomes much greater.

  • Opens Supply Pods
  • Interacts with Scenic Points
  • Activates Space Rifts
  • Interact with the Omnium Tower
  • Clear Ruins
  • Interact with Exploration points