Joanna Gaines is gearing up for a heartbreaking family change

Joanna Gaines is gearing up for a heartbreaking family change ...

Chip and Joanna Gaines are planning to start preparing for their oldest son to leave the nest, according to an essay for the Magnolia Journal's autumn issue.

Drake, our oldest son, is leaving for college soon, according to the 44-year-old. In the grand scheme of heartbreaking things, this one comes with a lot of gratitude and joy; nonetheless, my first child is leaving, and that can feel like a loss of its own.

According to his Virtual Combine profile, the 17-year-old will graduate in 2023.

Ella Rose, 15, Duke, 14, Emmie Kay, 12, and Crew, 4, are also parents to their own Magnolia Network. They first rose to fame when Fixer Upper was released in 2014, leading to the development of their own Magnolia Network.

During their marriage, Chip and Joanna Gaines faced a bit of all of it.

This is just the latest setback the couple has experienced in their decade-long marriage.

Chip and I have experienced a little of everything in our 20 years together: loss of a loved one. Bills we couldn't pay. Moments when all hope was lost and circumstances were beyond our control. When all I could think of was lay facedown on the floor in surrender.

She continued to reflect on life's lessons.

What we learn is that life isn't just about waiting for the best days of possibility. It's also about discovering ourselves a fresh new page. Sometimes, we have to surrender ourselves to the promise of growth that follows the fall. Yes, it's easier said than done.

Joanna was just devastated when Drake received his driver's license.

Joanna Stevens Gaines (@joannagaines) has shared a post.

The Fixer Upper: Welcome Home stars have found Drakes milestones to be moving.

Chip opened up to People about his son's driver's license in 2021. Jo was equally excited prior to that, and we get this kid's license the first day he goes to drive. She was just devastated and wanted no part. She wants to hire him a chauffeur!

Joanna took to Instagram when Drake obtained his driver's license in 2020, and she posts on Instagram, implying that all of a sudden he is grown up. Earlier that morning she was teaching Crew how to climb the stairs.

My boys' experience with these two situations is vast, but the effect on both is somehow the same. She continued. Parenthood is all about disciplining these babies till they leave. May we cherish all the big and quiet moments along the way.

Magnolia Journal's fall issue will be available on store shelves on August 12, 2022.