Activisions CoD: The paywall for mobile attachments enrages players

Activisions CoD: The paywall for mobile attachments enrages players ...

Call of Duty: Mobile meets player expectations in good measure, although recently, things took a turn when various Reddit users discovered a CoD: Mobile attachment paywall, and let's just say that many players are dissatisfied with this new feature.

The lack of a paywall on Call of Duty: Mobiles is a surprise, as traditionally, these are free content that you can unlock when you play the game, yet one look at a Reddit thread by Agent_Lord987 shows that the new ASM10 attachment, known as Branson, is stuck behind a paywall, a move that has one user, Level_Counter_1672, claiming that they [Activision] are being like EA, a company many condemn for its

The missions you can play to get the in-game item for free will be released next week, though some players fear this is the beginning of a new trend in CoD: Mobile that might result in more situations like this.

Why is the CoD: Mobile attachment hidden behind a paywall?

We can't be sure for certain. This could be an Activision decision or simply an oversight. Nonetheless, you can still acquire the Branson for free when its associated missions come to the game.

For the time being, the new attachment for the ASM10 looks to me to be a pay walled item! from CallOfDutyMobile

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