Tower of Fantasy's secrets for unlocking recipes

Tower of Fantasy's secrets for unlocking recipes ...

You may cook a ton of dishes in Tower of Fantasy to alleviate HP and boost your character with a buff or two. But first you must learn how to cook meat. You'll see cooking robots all over Aida, marked by an icon of a cooking pot on the World Map.

Where to find recipes in Tower of Fantasy

You can find recipes in the game in three ways: first, connect with shopkeepers and see if they have anything to sell you. Second, complete quests and get a chance to earn recipes in return. Finally, you can unlock most dishes by experimenting with ingredients through the Creation menu.

Use the Create tab to interact with a cooking robot. You may enter up to five different kinds of ingredients, with a maximum quantity of 15 (spread across any ingredient type). The game will not tell you what you might potentially prepare if you click the enter button. However, the success rate will be displayed on the screen.

The success rate does not imply that your ingredient combination is valid. You may increase it by adding more ingredients (quantity, not ingredient type). After you've selected the recipe, it will appear in the Gallery on the right left corner of the screen. Additionally, all unlocked dishes will appear in the Cooking tab, where you may cook them at a 100 percent success rate.

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