Star of Fired Vanderpump Rules Sends an Odd Request Online

Star of Fired Vanderpump Rules Sends an Odd Request Online ...

Kristen Doute, a 39-year-old former Vanderpump Rules player, made a bizarre request while working at the dentists office in August 2022.

According to People, Doutes' doomed relationships with Tom Sandoval, James Kennedy, and Brian Carter were featured on Vanderpump Rules before she was fired from the Bravo reality show in 2020. She became an Instagram official with her most recent boyfriend, Alex Menache, in May 2020.

Doute said she didn't want to be with Menache until just six months after. Awei replied, "Same," but it didn't work out. Alex is a wonderful guy who I love and respect very much.

Fans are questioning whether Doutes latest IG request is genuine now that she has split from Menache.

Kristen Doute asked her followers to assist her in finding a voice changer.

Doute shared a photo of herself in her dentist's waiting area in an August 2022 post on her Instagram story. She captioned the tweet with an unusual question.

Does anyone know of a voice changer that will change to Siri's voice, according to a writer?

A voice changer is a device or app that changes a person's tone or pitch, and Siri is the Apple assistant that has a distinct voice.

Followers questioned what kind of sleuthing Doute was up to in a Reddit thread.

One Redditor wrote that I miss seeing her bats*** crazy confrontation plots.

Another commenter agreed. She's obviously interested in finding out what unhinged she's up to, provoking another to speculate that Menache's changed voice might be used for something to do with her. One commenter suggested that she's likely to train her ex to train him to wreck his next relationship with cheating allegations.

She needs a voice recorder that can make Siri sound like it's talking. So she's probably attempting to deceive people into thinking they're either talking to Siri on their iPhone or talking to an AI self-service bot over the phone maybe trying to access some information? Idk and Id literally pay to know!!!! another chime in.

I'd ask my kidney to know what she wants to use this for, because I KNOW it's totally unhinged, and another one has been added.

Kristen Doute was previously apprehensive about her sleuthing abilities.

kristendoute (@kristendoute) has shared a post.

Doute has admitted to some serious sleuthing on her exes in her 2020 book Hes Making You Crazy: How to Get the Guy, Get Even, and Get Over It. Doute promised to assist fans in getting out of unhealthy relationships.

Per, it's possible to go deep into self-reflection when it's necessary, but sometimes you need to put on your detective hat and hack a man's email account.

Doute admitted that she had hacked into her exes' online accounts, according to Us Weekly. iTunes passwords are a Steve Jobs present that keeps on giving, according to the author. The passwords to your iTunes, your iCloud, and your iPhone tracker are the same.

The former Vanderpump Rules star also advised fans on how to deceive a new partner into divulging the answers to their password security concerns.