This Massive Star Fox Mod Adds New Levels, Ships, Weapons, and even Multiplayer Mode

This Massive Star Fox Mod Adds New Levels, Ships, Weapons, and even Multiplayer Mode ...

Nintendo fans are becoming irritated by the lack of a Star Fox game on the Switch, especially when it comes to modder KandoWontu, who is working on a 'Star Fox Exploration Showcase,' a 16-bit SNES classic that not only seeks to recreate the original gameplay, but also to add entirely new abilities and (yes, you guessed it) a fully functional multiplayer mode.

What it took to get into this famous game code in the first place, and when will we be able to slap our paws on it? Jack Yarwood over at our new sister site, Time Extension, got the chance to chat with KandoWontu to find out all this and more.

The original intention of the modder was to incorporate Star Fox 2's distinctive all-range mode as well as some new camera mechanics from a fellow modder, Starxxon (simple, right?) It appears that KandoWontu's hunger was far greater than he claims in the interview:

I thought why not make the ships more navigable? And the weapons? And before you know it, I was adding new features and hidden codes.

'At this point,' says KandoWontu, 'Ive added a whole second map with the original intact and still playable, three new levels, new enemies, new music, and more!'

It's gotten to a point now that'much more' seems like an understatement. The list of newly-added features includes a full pre-game mod menu, two-player mode, new ships and weapons, a New Game+ feature, and a lot more (see the original article).

KandoWontu's interest in playability seems to be on the rise, and he has therefore included a fully functional toggle menu into the game, which allows you to insert modifications as you wish.

KandoWontu has had some issues with the modification, especially the somewhat shady multiplayer mode, yet he has managed to get by with a little help from his pals. From textures to music composition, it makes sense that winning is a team effort.

The Star Fox Exploration Showcase had previously been set to be released at the end of August, but this date has been rescheduled for the end of October, so stay tuned (although keep in mind that you'll need a legitimate copy of the original ROM to play it).

Check out Time Extension's whole interview discussing Jack and KandoWontu's involvement with the Star Fox franchise and more.

What do you think of this massive mod? Send your engines and submit your ideas down to the comment section below, so we may sway you! Time Extension is a great way to satisfy retro gaming cravings, whether you like it or not!

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