'Sinking Spring,' a film by Ridley Scott, has been ordered on Apple TV+

'Sinking Spring,' a film by Ridley Scott, has been ordered on Apple TV+ ...

Apple TV+ has announced that it has ordered Sinking Spring to the series. The new series will feature Emmy and Tony Award-winning director Ridley Scott. The series will premiere on March 15.

Sinking Spring will chronicle two lifelong best friends from Philadelphia who pretend to be DEA agents in order to raid a country house. The small-scale rift will quickly become a matter of life and death. The two friends will soon unravel and reveal one of the most powerful narcotics corridors on the East Coast.

Peter Craig has made his first television appearance. Along with David W. Zucker, Jordan Sheehan, and Clayton Krueger, Ridley Scott is executive producing for Scott Free Productions. Henry also executive produces for the series, and Tafoya will serve as a consulting producer.

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The series is the latest addition to Apple's partnership with Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions. The production company has a first-look deal for television projects created by Apple TV+. The project is also the second project for Henry and Apple. The film will premiere in theaters and on the Apple TV+ app later this year. Henry also stars in Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt.

Peter Craig is a novelist and screenwriter, and the son of Actress Sally Field. He has worked on The Hunger Games trilogy, The Town, and The Batman, a smash smash hit film produced in 2022.

Further details and casting announcements for Dennis Tafoya's Dope Thief are still to come, although it may be a while before we see this project completed. Check out the teaser for Bullet Train below: