In Tower of Fantasy, all Ruin locations are located

In Tower of Fantasy, all Ruin locations are located ...

Ruins are dungeon-like areas that look like triangular spacecrafts. You may choose from three game modes: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Each mode will also include a recommended CS to help you prepare for the game. Most importantly, a Chest Counter will appear on the upper left of the screen when you enter the game.

AstraA-01, A-02, and A-03 have three Ruins, and the Main Story will introduce you to A-01 and will require you to complete it, but the other two are up to you.

In Astra's Tower of Fantasy, where are the remains?

By looking for cathedral-like icons in the World Map, you can easily find Ruins anywhere in the game. Refer to the areas with a red circle to find the Ruins in Astra.

  • A-01east of Astra Shelter
  • A-02Sothern Ring Ranges
  • A-03Northern Ring Ranges

Approach a Ruin to get a window to the upper right, where you may choose the difficulty level before entering. Keep in mind that you may only claim rewards from a Ruin once.

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