In Tower of Fantasy, how do you get the Maglev Stalker?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do you get the Maglev Stalker? ...

As you go through Tower of Fantasy, there will be a slew of items that you may encounter. Some items will help you with cooking or upgrading your weapons, but others will help you unlock new items. The Maglev Stalker is a rare item that you may never discover unless you hunt for it. Unlocking this item will help you acquire something even greater.

How to get the Maglev Stalker

The Chaser mount is created by combining the Maglev Stalker and the Magnetic Rod. While the Magnetic Rod is fairly simple to obtain and requires you to go to a specific area, the Maglev Stalker is much more difficult to obtain.

The Maglev Stalker is destroyed by four different enemies. The enemies are named the Vermin Brothers and they are world bosses that appear in different Strongholds called the Rats Dens. Squeaky is the first of the Vermin Brothers you can see and he is located in the southeastern part of the Astra region.

The other Vermin Brothers can be found near Mt. Woochu, in northwest Banges along the coast, and east of the Signal Station Ruins Spacerift in Banges. Each of these enemies has a chance to drop the Maglev Stalker but it will take a while to locate since it is a rare drop.