Fans of Marvel and DC want to see face off in a "Versus" film

Fans of Marvel and DC want to see face off in a "Versus" film ...

Fans have been given dozens of superhero adaptations on the big screen of popular comic book stories. One aspect we have yet to see in film, however, is a collaboration between the two most well-known dogs in the comic world, Marvel and DC.

Although the two have fought numerous times in the comic book world, licensing and studio rules make it unlikely that any of these fantasy matches will be shown on screen. However, cinematic universes are continuing to expand and cross over with other properties, there is still hope. Here are just a few possibilities if the two giants of comic books ever collide on screen.

Iron Man vs. Batman in the Battle of the Billionaires

One of the easiest comparisons to draw between DC and Marvel is between their respective flagship heroes, each with little power but enough money and resources to make up for it. Both are often also seen as the leading force in their own super-teams.

Where Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne differ, however, is in their personalities. Bruce embraces the playboy persona only when the suit is off, while Tony is basically always Tony. Batman's trademark graveness is ideal for comedy and conflict if the two ever meet on screen.

Captain America vs. Deathstroke in a Super-Soldier Showdown

If Steve Rogers ever wished to meet humanity, Slade Wilson exploited his talents as a rifle-for-hire. This ideological conflict might be the catalyst for a thrilling encounter.

Leaving the theme depth aside, the pairing might make excellent fight sequences, lowering things down to a more grounded level in the action department, similar to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Captain Marvel vs. Superman in the Clash of the Aliens

If Superman and Captain Marvel ever met, they would likely destroy the Earth. That alone is enough reason to be a fan of a cinematic collision.

Both characters may be drawn into their own alien races, or they might be tying them into each other's narratives to create an interesting conflict. Giving their common optimism and empathy, a film would likely see them partnering up for an exciting conclusion against a common threat.

Amazon vs. Asgard - Wonder Woman vs. Thor

Thor and Wonder Woman, who were born into royalty in magical places, have endless possibilities for a cross-over movie. Both Themyscira and Asgard may be explored, and would be perfect for Game of Thrones fantasy politics.

The pair also have a connection with magical weapons from their homelands in battle. A fight between Thor's hammer Mjolnir and Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth might have fans going wild in the theaters.

A Fight for Atlantis - Namor vs. Aquaman

Given Namor was Marvel's attempt at an Aquaman clone, it's no surprise the two are quite similar. On paper, it might seem like having both in one film would be redundant, yet Atlantis being a shared location between Marvel and DC might lead to an intense power struggle for the underwater city's throne.

A story where Aquaman is displaced from his universe only to discover another universe where Namor rules Atlantis, like the current cinematic trend of exploring the multiverse, begs to be told.

Speed vs. Strength - The Flash vs. The Hulk

It's common to see superhero fights pitted against others with similar abilities. Sometimes, though, an even match can come in the form of two different characters, making a battle between The Hulk and The Flash a dynamic possibility on screen.

The quick wit and intelligence of the Hulk and the Flash create a thrilling toss-up. Given there are plenty of stories about Bruce Banner losing control of his Hulk side, it would be relatively easy to create a scenario in which the two would clash.

John Constantine vs. The Scarlet Witch in Duel of the Dark Arts

Marvel has shown a willingness to dive deeper into the macabre with their cinematic universe with the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Taking Wanda from that film and pairing her with DC's John Constantine might lead to some unusual adventures.

Fans have been clamoring for the supernatural detective to get another shot on the big screen, and with The Scarlet Witch already tied to the multiverse, a crossover of the two would be a breeze.

Doctor Strange vs. Doctor Fate in Duel of the Doctors

Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate would make an interesting tandem in a crossover film on a myriad of levels. Both possess a wide spectrum of magical abilities and each has a unique mystical item.

Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate have already had a comic crossover of sorts, known as Doctor Strangefate, so a "versus" film isn't far away from reality. Both characters' possibilities for fan service in a combined feature are limitless.

Deadpool vs. Harley Quinn in Battle of the Wild-Cards

Deadpool's hyper-violence and metatextual comedy in 2016 paved the way for a more R-rated cinematic approach to the superhero genre. One of the main outcomes of the trend it forged was a DC character that is well-known among fans.

A film that pits these two against each other on screen would not only make for a delightfully unhinged romp, but it isn't entirely unlikely, given both characters' tendencies to break boundaries on both page and screen (not to mention the fourth wall).

Suicide Squad vs. Guardians of the Galaxy in Battle of the B-Listers

The Guardians of the Galaxy, a space-wishing oddballs from DC, has had one of the greatest shocks of the MCU so far, but a crossover with the Guardians might cement them in the comic book film canon.

The number of different character interactions that may occur are infinite, and both titles' funny and deranged humor would work in perfect harmony. A film where a snarky space raccoon confronts a dim-witted talking shark has the potential to forever destroy the box office as we know it.