In Cult of the Lamb, you may pet the dog, but that's not your forte

In Cult of the Lamb, you may pet the dog, but that's not your forte ...

Yes, you read that correctly, you can pet the dog in the new vaguely Satanic roguelike game Cult of the Lamb. The question is, though, can you show any of the other troops your animal army respect?

The all-new roguelike title Cult of the Lamb, a direct out of left field, takes players into a chaotic world dominated by blood, guts, and gore, along with some additional blood, guts, and gore on top of that.

If you have the best Cult of the Lamb weaponsall in your arsenal, cleaning non-believers is fairly straightforward, but if you are part of a cult for a reason you may need some help from your pals (or fiends).

Enter followers, the backbone of your animal army. Lured in by your coercion (and by coercion we mean threats), only one creature on the roster can actually be petted ironically in a game full of fluffy balls of cuteness.

In Cult of the Lamb, pigs, fish, and deer have nothing on dogs, since these are the only creatures in the game that can actually be petted.

When you approach a dog, you may either give it a favor or pet it. Your Satanic protagonist will then say whos a good dog, you are! and the mindless follower will burst into tears and love hearts.

One enthusiastic fan states, YOU CAN PET THE DOG IN CULT OF THE LAMB, while another responds, "You can pet the dog followers in Cult of the Lamb." It's a cute concept.

Starting a cult isn't that difficult, especially if you're a possessed sheep. Make sure you meet the Cult of the Lamb system requirements before you play; otherwise, you'll be surprised what happens when you cross a cult.