In the season 3 finale, Orville's manager explains the unexpected character death

In the season 3 finale, Orville's manager explains the unexpected character death ...

The spoilers for Orville follow.

Seth MacFarlane, the star and creator of Orville, has explained the unexpected character death in the season three finale.

The crew of Domino tries to avoid the use of a deadly weapon designed to destroy any Kaylon within its range, but someone must remain behind to detonate it.

Ensign Charly Burke (played by Anne Winters) was that person, and in a strange twist, she ended up sacrificing herself to save Kaylon emissary Isaac (Mark Jackson).

"It's one of the things that makes it feel [like] like it happened] a bit quicker, and it's one of the reasons I wrote the novella is there was a second episode that was supposed to be between Midnight Blue and Domino," he said, adding that COVID really disrupted the filming schedule.

"We were all at a point where we just wanted this f**king thing to air. We would all jokingly say, "Are we going to be making this show for the rest of our lives and it will never air?"

"We just wanted to get it out there and see how the audience responded," he added, adding: "We were out of gas, and the prospect of shooting another episode as epic as Sympathy for the Devil, which is now a novella, we just didn't have anything left."

The creator of Family Guy said that while adding an episode between episodes would have made it seem less rushed, seeing two "brilliant minds" in Charly and Isaac make it worthwhile.

"I think Ted Danson said at one point, "How did you get there so quick?" So, he said, "Come on, you dont want to see them screwing in bolts and all that shit."

In the United States, The Orville season 3 can be viewed on Hulu. In the United Kingdom, you can see it on Disney+.