Deep Cut, Splatoon 3's new hosts, everyone loves it

Deep Cut, Splatoon 3's new hosts, everyone loves it ...

As part of a Nintendo Direct stream on Wednesday, Nintendo introduced the new hosts of Splatoon 3, Deep Cut. The group includes three characters: Shiver, Frye, and the massive mantaray Big Man, and fans are already enthused about them.

Each previous Splatoon game has its own host who provide maps updates and opinions. The first Splatoon game has the Squid Sisters, Marie and Callie, while Splatoon 2 is hosted by the Off the Hook duo, Marina and Pearl. Deep Cut will host the next newscast with a show called Anarchy Splatcast, which is a tribute to the grittier city life in the Splatlands.

Nintendo released a new music video for the group's first track, Anarchy Rainbow, which includes masks and the streets are decorated as if it were Carnival in the video. The video is stunning as the city streets come to life with lights, music, and dancing.

Deep Cut revealed that Splatfests, the popular Splatoon games' names, are returning this time, rather than a block party, with Frye, Shiver, and Big Man all wearing masks. Doki Doki Panic (aka Super Mario Bros. 2) was created after a carnival-themed fair and street event held in Tokyo and Osaka in 1987.

It's a fun way to remember the group, and they seem to know how to party. Fans are already infatuated with the three and are posting fan art and memes about the members.

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My reaction to the Splatoon 3 Direct is posted on Twitter:

The three genders of deep cut

Deep Cut's first meeting in Splatoon 3 is now available on

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Splatoon 3 is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch on September 9.