No Mans Sky freighters are no longer in service

No Mans Sky freighters are no longer in service ...

We thought it was time to introduce new players to No Mans Sky freighters, as they are coming to Nintendo Switch and can assist with other vital space-faring tasks.

If you want to learn more about No Mans Sky freighters, please read on for a complete breakdown, including where to find them, where to buy them, and what to do once you have gotten your hands on one. These massive metal hangars are ideal for storage and playing with friends, and can come with a host of lovely upgrades.

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Here's how to get around No Mans Sky freighters.

How do I find a No Mans Sky freighter?

No Mans Sky is a relatively inexpensive vehicle to get your first freighter. After visiting a few (though maybe your first), the freighter's captain offers your assistance. Be wary though, since you're much more likely to get a bigger freighter if you decline their offer.

How do I buy a No Mans Sky freighter?

As you explore the cosmos, you may encounter fleets, and there's a good possibility you'll find a green frigate badge or a purple freighter badge, indicating they're available for purchase. Fly within the catchment zone to receive a radio transmission. Then you can check it out and decide whether or not to purchase it.

How do I upgrade my No Mans Sky freighter?

If you already have a ship you'd like to call home, you may want to enhance it with some lovely-looking upgrades. While you're out on the road in the great unknown, keep an eye out for abandoned freighters, and you may find upgrades that you can add to your personal freighter.

  • Combat unit improve the fleets combat by two to fifteen points
  • Exploration unit improves exploration results by two to fifteen points
  • Fuel unit improves fuel efficiency by two to fifteen units
  • Mining unit improves mining rewards by two to fifteen points
  • Trade unit improves trading success by two to fifteen points
  • Freighter hyperdrive improves hyperdrive range by two to fifteen points
  • Beacon improve the fleets speed by two to fifteen points

So there you have it, spaceman, this should be all you need to know before you get started with a No Mans Sky freighter. Next up, get a look at our No Mans Sky Beyond and No Mans Sky expedition guides.