Rice's Role in Tower of Fantasy

Rice's Role in Tower of Fantasy ...

As you go across the many Towers of Fantasy regions, you will come across a number of different ingredients. Some of these ingredients, like Homi Grains, are simple to acquire and can be found almost anywhere. However, Rise is one of the more difficult items to acquire.

How to get Rice in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, rice will not be available immediately. For a brief while, you will need to wait until you have completed chapter one. You will learn how to use cooking stations to create some wonderful meals. Shortly afterwards, you will unlock food vendors.

In Astra, the first food vendor will appear shortly after you unlock cooking, while the third one will be found in Mirroria. Each of these vendors will sell rice for the same amount; 60 Gold. You can purchase up to 99 bags of rice per day.

How to use Rice

Rice may be used in your cooking station, like all of the other ingredients in the game. These stations can be found throughout the different regions in the game. If you don't have the ingredients for one of the recipes, we suggest you include it in your meal.