Where can I get the Tower of Fantasy OBB download link?

Where can I get the Tower of Fantasy OBB download link? ...

Mobile games have developed into serious games, and their file sizes and features have increased along with them. Tower of Fantasy is a huge open world to explore, as well as a rich historical background to follow and unravel. As such, the players immediately anticipated the game to include some extra goodies such as OBB files. This article will explain what OBB files are and where to find them.

What are the OBB files?

OBB files are a type of extension files for an Android app that store all of the data that isn't stored in an APK file. These are typically large graphics files, media, assets, and other data files. Sometimes, OBB files are used to install modifications to mobile games, rather than the usual app storage folder.

Where to find the Tower of Fantasy OBB file?

The Tower of Fantasy OBB files had not been released separately at the time of this guide. This might mean that all of the OBB files that the game might need are already included in the game's APK, or that the relevant OBB files will be released at a later date as the game develops and expands.

How to install the Tower of Fantasy OBB file

You will need to connect your mobile device to a PC or laptop to install the OBB files. Follow these steps with all equipment ready.