Anne Heche is still in coma, and her family believes she is "not expected to survive."

Anne Heche is still in coma, and her family believes she is "not expected to survive." ...

Following a series of automobile accidents she suffered almost a week ago, the Anne Heches family has issued a statement. And, unfortunately, the news is mixed.

Friends and family of Anne Heches have disclosed in a statement obtained by CNN:

Anne Heche was harmed by an anoxic brain injury and is in critical condition. She is not expected to recover. She is being monitored for any therapies she may have available. She saw more of her life's work as spouting kindness and joy.

Anne Heche was involved in two incidents earlier this week in the Los Angeles area that resulted in her being hospitalized. During the first, she went off the road and crashed into the parking garage of an apartment complex. She remained calm as she escaped from the scene of the crash, but eventually sped off the road at a high speed and crashed into a home in the Mar Vista area of West Hollywood.

Local authorities are reportedly planning to examine Anne Heches' blood for substances that might have harmed the driver or caused the accident, although it's believed that the fentanyl might have been administered by hospital staff as a pain medication.

Anne Heches, well-known ex Ellen Degeneres, was contacted by Paparazzi earlier, but the talk show host clarified that they do not keep in touch anymore, and she had no real information to offer other than well wishes and condolences. This morning's news about how Heche will be remembered seems to suggest that there is no hope of a recovery, and she will die of the injuries suffered in the accidents.

Heches' on-screen legacy stretches back to the 1990s and early 2000s, including a string of well-known films that included Harrison Ford (Six Days Seven Nights), Robert De Niro (Wag the Dog) and Johnny Depp (All Rise). Most recently, she was a co-star in the TV series The Idol and the legal drama All Rise, and had a recurring role as a Superindendent on the popular television program Chicago P.D.

As new information on Anne Heche's medical condition comes to you, we will continue to provide updates.