When will the FFXIV Endwalkers Relic weapon quests be released?

When will the FFXIV Endwalkers Relic weapon quests be released? ...

Each Final Fantasy XIV expansion contains a wide array of new content to complete. And while the majority of players' items will be obtained through simple tasks or by grinding Raids, the Relic Weapons are among the game's longest grinds.

Earning and enhancing these weapons is tied to lengthy quests, original instances, and more. And in Endwalker, the most recent expansion that was released in December, they'll be linked to Hildibrand questlines.

The release date for the FFXIV Endwalkers Relic weapon quests has been set.

Endwalkers Relic weapon quests are planned for Patch 6.25, as confirmed in Square Enix's latest Live Letter from the Producer.

However, it is still unclear when the patch will be released on live servers. The patch is expected for this autumn. Patch 6.2 will be released on August 23. There will be at least two months of waiting before Patch 6.25 can be installed on live servers.

More information on the matter is expected in the next few months.

This first batch of Hildibrands quests will be the beginning of many more that will be released every few months until the next expansion's release, so there will be plenty of content to discover. If you have yet to complete Hildibrands quests, now is the time.

When additional information becomes available, this article will be updated.