The Orville and American Dad's managers talk about a potential crossover

The Orville and American Dad's managers talk about a potential crossover ...

Matt Weitzman, the showrunner for American Dad, has discussed a possible conflict with the other show Star Trek, hosted by American Dad creator Seth MacFarlane.

The possibility of an overlap between the two seems plausible, although Weitzman admitted in a recent interview with Digital Spy and other media at Comic-Con that there isn't anything in the pipeline currently.

"We're contemplating hiring Scott Grimes on the show," he said, referring to the fact that the actor has appeared on both series.

"Mike Henry, who's on that show, is a recurring character on our program," he said.

"I'm not necessarily seeking to do that, it's just whatever works." We will not pursue that, but if it works, it works."

Weitzman revealed that they once abandoned ideas for an American Dad film, and that there aren't any plans to produce a feature length version at the moment.

"We considered a film in which we return to Roger's planet," he said. I want to concentrate on making the season as enjoyable as possible.

A Halloween special is in the works, with "Steve and Roger attempting to save them all but it goes dark," as well as a Christmas special, according to the showrunner.

"We've already mapped [it] out," Weitzman said. "We are doing a metaverse episode with 3D elements."

In addition, he's discussed ideas for a final episode, admitting that "it might come to an end at any time," and he's okay with that. "I'm ready for it to end today, if they pull the plug,." he told us.

"I have no idea how the show will conclude. I don't have it in my head... Unlike The Lord of the Rings where they know the final shot."

American Dad is available on TBS in the United States. Viewers in the United Kingdom can watch selected episodes on BBC Three and ITV Hub. Season 3 of The Orville is available on Hulu in the United Kingdom. It's available on Disney+ in the United Kingdom.